Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Exciting Times...

By Robin 'Red Hot' Kaye

These are exciting times in the Kaye household. There's a whole lot going on so I thought I'd mention all the fun things we have coming up this month...

My novella, HOMETOWN GIRL was just released last week and is getting some really nice reviews!

Slick Reads from Guilty Pleasures Book Reviews said:
Robin Kaye has done it again, in just 6 chapters she has taken me down hook, line and sinker! Not only that she has me wanting to visit Brooklyn, something I can honestly say I’ve never had any interest in doing before. Hometown Girl is the first novella in her Bad Boys of Red Hook series and it’s the start of something great.

I found out that my audio book publisher decided to do their own cover for BACK TO YOU: BAD BOYS OF RED HOOK and I love it. Take a look, isn't it beautiful?

I finally finished the second book in my Bad Boys of Red Hook trilogy and received the final book cover. They sent me one a while back, which I loved! I thought it was the final cover. A week or so ago, my editor sent me an email saying she'd asked for some slight changes. I honestly didn't think the art department could improve on perfection, but they did!

Here's the cover to YOU'RE THE ONE. I think it's my favorite cover yet!

In the meantime, I've started writing A LITTLE ON THE WILD SIDE, my third Domestic Gods Gone Wild book, for the second or third time. I just wasn't happy with the first two. And I'm thrilled to say, I think I finally nailed it. I can't remember a time I've had so much fun writing! I'm sure that if you ask me how things are going with the book a month from now, I won't be so thrilled, but for now, I'm going to savor the feeling. It doesn't happen all that often...

As you can imagine, I'm beginning to wonder about the twelve days of Christmas because the good stuff just keeps piling up! I received the most amazing Kirkus Book Review ever for BACK TO YOU: BAD BOYS OF RED HOOK which will be released on December 31st!

 Kirkus Reviews
Storm Decker returns to Red Hook, Brooklyn, to care for the man who raised him like a son and face the woman he loved with all his heart; can they overcome the oceans that separate them and the walls they've built to protect themselves, or is it even a good idea to try? When Storm gets word that Pete, the man who took him in as a child, is sick and needs help running his tavern, he takes the first flight out from New Zealand, sneaking into the house in the middle of the night--only to be met by Breanna Collins and a smack to the head with a frying pan. Not a revenge smack, but a survival one--Bree thinks he's a burglar. And not that he doesn't deserve a revenge smack, since he abandoned her mid-kiss-that-was-definitely-leading-to-something-else 11 years ago and never once looked back. Bree wouldn't mind if she never saw Storm again, but she needs his help with Pete and Nicki, the 10-year-old girl Pete's taken in, so she'll put up with him. For now. And she'll do everything in her power to deny the sizzling attraction they both feel and the sense of unfinished business that lingers between them. After all, he's made it clear he's headed back to his life and his business halfway across the globe and that the quicker he gets out of Red Hook the happier he'll be. But the neighborhood has changed, and the woman who holds it all together with fierce love and loyalty is more compelling than ever. Storm left her once for her own good. He's not sure he can do it again. And the more time he spends in Red Hook with Bree, the less sure he is he even wants to. Fluid storytelling, convincing characters and an arc that is both passionate and poignant make for an emotionally gratifying contemporary romance.

And to top it all off, in nine days my son will be flying home for the first time since August from Boise State University. He'll be home for an entire month. 

I'm thrilled he's coming home, but I have a strong feeling, like with my new project, that in a few weeks, if you ask me how I feel about having my dear boy back home rooted in front of the X-Box, eating me out of house and home, and borrowing my car, I might have another view point. <grin>

Still, I try to live in the moment, and as long as I don't think about all the Christmas shopping I haven't done. This moment is pretty darn good!


moojuice said...

Congratulations on your accomplishments AND on remembering to savor these moments when they come - both things are hard to do!

Robin Kaye said...

Thanks, Moojuice! It's been quite a month!