Monday, August 06, 2012

Writing Has Ruined Me

Writers are an odd breed. I was already aware of that - after all, I am odd and I wanted to be a writer - but I didn't realize that writing would magnify my neurosis. For example, I've always been a people watcher. I like to observe people and try to figure out what their motivation is. But since I became a writer, that motivation becomes an entire backstory. And description, oh yeah, I see details I wouldn't have noticed before. Combine all of that with my dry, sarcastic, somewhat cynical view of things and it makes for interesting observations.

Since the Olympics is going on, that's where my attention has been the last couple of days. Now, I haven't watched everything. I'm recording and woefully behind as I'm busy writing books, but I have made some observations:

1. It's possible for people to be competitive and nice at the same time. I've seen a lot of respect and congratulations from athlete to athlete from different countries. I think this is great! I realize we all want our country to come out on top, but I think it's always a good thing when professionals have a mutual respect for each other, especially when they lose.

2. The outfits for some sports are very cool this year, for others, not so much. Our women swimmers look like dudes with their caps on. Why can't those bathing suits have stripes or something that give those girls some curves. Jeez, they probably have had a decent meal in years and without fat, you can't keep boobs. Can we girl them up a little...just a wee bit? The caps come off and they're all smiles and cute. Can we please work a little of that into the 2016 outfits?

3. Glitter in the hair is a result of being stuck in the 80s or working a pole. It should be banned. Correct that - it's so outdated, it should be illegal. Stop making up 14 year olds like strippers.

4. Track and field women have absolutely incredible bodies. Seriously. Absolutely. Incredible. If I looked like that for just one day, I'd break a digital camera taking pictures of myself.

5. Gymnasts will never have a post-Olympic career as hands and feet models. Every time they show a close-up of those toes clenching a balance beam, I can mentally picture my nail lady getting the vapors.

6. If you're going to talk smack about how you will perform (hellllloooooo Ryan Lochte) make sure you back it up with your performance - in the pool. I don't care about your privileged, pathetic white boy attempts at being a rap star. Put on a show in the pool - you remember the pool, right? It's sorta the reason anyone gives a crap about you. Don't keep screwing your fans.

What about you? Any observations you wish to share about the Olympics?

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Deadly DeLeon


Brandy said...

I'll be honest, I haven't watched much of the Olympics. However, I think your observations are awesome and spot on!

Jana DeLeon said...

Thanks, Brandy! I record and skip through a lot, but there's certain events I like to see. :)

dstoutholcomb said...

love your observations--so true

Jana DeLeon said...

Thanks, ds!

Unknown said...

The beauty of people watching is that it's free. It's a great way to spend some downtime and realize your life is not so bad.

It is amazing to see how people go out in public. You have to wonder do you own a mirror.

Since I work in surgery and spend more time in scrubs and scrub hats when I do go somewhere I really like to dress nice. My only problem is I don't have as many clothes as most people because of wearing scrubs.

Now here's the thing about wearing scrubs. I tend to wear a larger size so when I gowned & gloved under the hotlights I can stay comfortable. Then there are those (usually the ones who think they can attact a doctor) that will wear skin tight scrubs. Sorry to say that they can't see behind them because scrub pants up your butt not a pretty sight. Note to these people even if you land a doctor a couple years down the line he will do the same thing and look for another person throwing themselves at him. And yet, they can't figure out why they would do this to them.

On the other end of the spectrum there are those that somehow after a few hours in scrubs looks like they have been wearing the same ones for years. How do you get stains & wrinkles on soemthing you just put on,

Come on everyone, lets here from you some of the interesting things you see in your workplace

Unknown said...
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Jana DeLeon said...

LOL Sabrina! Your assessment of scrubs and the predatory employees who wear them is quite descriptive and unfortunately, highly accurate. I know a lot of women divorced from cheating doctors.

Unknown said...

Not just gymnasts. Dancers have butt-ugly feet, too. To this day I am too embarassed to go get a pedicure. LOL

Unknown said...

Yes Jana, it's like a soap opera everyday.

BTW I'm a southern louisiana girl. Grew up in Lafayette, so I really enjoy reading your books. It brings me back home

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