Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Sweet Sixteen

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Sweet Sixteen!  Let’s party.

No, it’s not my birthday.  It’s especially not my sixteenth birthday.  I hopped, skipped, and jumped past that a number of years ago.  It’s not even a birthday celebration.  Sweet Sixteen is in honor of my sixteenth book published.   Yup, Blame it on Texas is my sixteenth release.  I have to tell you, it doesn’t get old--not the excitement of seeing another book wiggle its way into  readers’ hands, and not the creating or crafting of another story, either.  I still feel the passion for writing.  And not just the passionate scenes.  I’m talking about that sensation of success when I complete a good, sigh-inducing scene, or when the dialogue just flows and makes me giggle. 

And I giggled and sighed a lot when writing Tyler and Zoe’s story.  For some crazy reason, these two had instant chemistry.  Now you would think that in a fictional story the chemistry is simply a product of the words a writer puts on paper.  And maybe it is to some degree.

However, it’s never that simple.  Creating chemistry is so complex that it’s hard to explain how it happens.  Sure, you make the hero and heroine aware of each other, and then you make them need something from the other person, but even with all those things in place, sometimes that chemistry explodes and other times it just simmers.  Fictional chemistry is sometimes just as mysterious as the real thing.  Why do two people meeting for the first time instantly find themselves completely attracted to each other?  Especially when their last ten dates left them feeling completely unenthusiastic.

No doubt about it, there’s plenty of enthusiasm in Blame it on Texas, but it’s not just the sizzle that had me up late at night pounding at my keyboard.  The mystery element in this book drove me to write even faster.

Imagine learning you aren’t who you thought you were.  Imagine realizing that you aren’t even sure how old you are.  Imagine discovering that you were kidnapped as a toddler.  That the people who raised you, loved you, and who are now deceased, had lied to you.  Zoe Adams’ entire life feels like a lie. It all begins when she sees a cold case show that flashes a picture of her when she was three years old and then the reporter covers the kidnapping story of a child who belonged to a Texas millionaire family.  Imagine hearing all this when you’ve always had odd memories and nightmares that didn’t make sense. 

The other slightly upsetting thing for Zoe about that show was when the reporter states that the child’s body was found only weeks after her kidnapping.  Zoe’s downright baffled, yet she’s certain of two things: that was her picture, and she’s not dead.

Not that she’s been doing much living since her fiancé ran off with that no-good stripper.  But maybe it’s past time she fixes that.  Packing up the only thing that really matters to her, her disabled cat, she hightails it to Texas to find answers.  And this is where things really start to get interesting. Her search lands her in the lap of -- or more precisely, under the desk of -- one sexy private investigator, Tyler Lopez.  And yup, that’s when all that chemistry starts.

Of course, when she tells him she thinks she's the kidnapped heiress -- whose family just so happens to be one of his richest clients -- Tyler's pretty sure this gorgeous redhead is a few eggs short of a grand slam breakfast.
But when someone starts using Zoe as target practice, Tyler starts to question if Zoe’s insane story isn’t sane after all.  Funny thing is, even as the bullets are flying, and even when one of them hit their mark, that chemistry still doesn’t let up.  Here’s an excerpt:

 He inched closer to her lips. 
She wasn’t a hundred percent positive, but the moment felt like that part in the movies when romantic music started playing and someone was about to get kissed.
Something told her that giving in to that temptation wouldn’t be a good idea.
She jumped up. Fast. Toppled over the chair in the process, too. It hit the frayed carpet with a thud.
Unsure what to say, she reached down to her knee and faked a moan. “Leg cramp.”
Doubt filled his eyes. Faking had never been her strong point.
She heard an odd kind of crack and then a strange clunk. The crack came again, only this time it was followed by some peculiar pings.
“Shit! Get down!” Tyler yelled.
He bolted from the chair and charged right at her. She landed, flat on her back, so hard that the impact knocked the wind out of her lungs. And when he landed on top of her, what little air she had left spilled out her lips in a rush.
She tried to push him off.
“Stop! Someone is shooting at you!” he growled.
Another crack sounded, followed by more crunch-like noises. His words hadn’t completely sunk in when Zoe saw a puff of dusty white Sheetrock rain down from the wall, leaving a round hole in the drywall.
Sheer panic prevented her from moving. Someone was shooting at her. A scream lodged in her throat.
She managed to suck air into her lungs. “Shit!” The one word eked out.
“I already said that.” He looked back at the table. “I’m going for my gun. Stay down.”
“No!” She flung her arms around him, pulled his chest flush against hers, and even locked one leg around his waist. “I don’t like that idea. Come up with another one.”
He frowned. “You’re safe if you stay down.”
“But what about you?” She flung her other leg around his waist, tightening her thighs around him.
He stared into her eyes. “Careful or I’m gonna think you like this position.”
She scowled at him. “Seriously? You can think about sex right now?”
“I guess I like the position, too.” He bounced off her and ran for the gun, just as more cracking noises filled the air.
* * *
Tyler heard the shots and got two steps away from his gun when something hit. Not a damn bullet but a five-foot-five redhead. Some part of her made a direct hit on the back of his knee, and he fell. On his way down, he turned and grabbed her to get her away from the window. When he hit the floor, she came down on top of him. Hard.
“I told you to stay down!” he growled.
She raised her head. “And I told you I didn’t like that idea!” Her voice quavered, and she had tears in her eyes.
It was the tears that took the edge off his anger. Growing up with sisters, he should be immune to feminine tears, but something about hers cut right to his emotional quick.
“I need to get my gun,” he said.
“No,” she snapped. “Because then you’re gonna want to look out the window—and in the movies, that’s when someone always gets shot.”
“I’m not going to get shot,” he said calmly.  He could feel her shaking, but she tightened her grip on him. As much as he wished he could patiently talk her down from the panic ledge, he didn’t have time. So he’d have to try another tactic to get her to release him.
“I like this position, too.” His words encouraged her to loosen her hold on him. But when he considered she might get up, he came up with Plan B. He rolled her over, closer to the table, and, while pinning her to the floor, he reached for his gun. Once he had it in his hands, he felt better.
Brushing a thick curtain of dark red hair from her eyes, he looked at her. “Now, stay down. You understand?”
She nodded. But when he went to move, she tightened her arms around him again. “Zoe, let go or I swear to God I’m going to kiss you.” He wasn’t exactly sure how he knew it would work, but the fact that she’d jumped halfway across the room and faked a leg cramp when he’d gotten close to her face probably clued him in.
She let go. He crawled over to the window and peered out. The screech of a car speeding off sounded nearby.
“Damn,” he muttered. By the time he got out front, they’d be gone. His best hope was that someone had seen the car.
On automatic, forgetting he’d taken off his shoulder holster, he tried to put away his gun. That’s when he saw the blood.
He did a quick mental search for pain in his body and found none. He even pulled up his T-shirt to make sure. Nothing. It wasn’t his blood. He remembered her shaking earlier.  “Shit.”
He turned to a bleeding and shot Zoe.
Now that I’ve shared with you my accomplishment of hitting sweet sixteen, tell me one of your accomplishments.  I don’t care if it’s that you managed not to burn your frozen dinner, that you graduated college, or that you finally cleaned out your closet—which is huge, because my closet is in bad shape. What I’m saying is that small successes count, too.  Face it, we need to give ourselves a few pats on the back sometimes.  And hey…you might just be one of my sixteen winners.

Prizes:  (Due to mailing cost only USA residents may apply please) 
  • A Kindle Touch or a Nook Simple Touch
  • A copy of Born at Midnight—the first novel in the Shadow Falls Series—and a Shadow Falls T-shirt
  • An ARC of Whispers at Moonrise—the forth novel in the Shadow Falls Series—and a Shadow Falls T-shirt

And. . .  some awesome books donated by BookEnds Inc. and Grand Central Publishing. (Thank you, guys!)



Pamela said...

Congrats on your 16th release. Have been looking forward to the next book in the Texas series - will probably have most of it read in one day. :D

Accomplishments - have lost 70lbs on weight watchers in 3 yrs. Took a good 'kick in the pants' by my doc for the motivation, but once I started, I haven't looked back.

Keep it goin Christie!


Cheryl said...

Happy release day & sweet 16!

Let's see. One accomplishment is that I joined a walking competition at work where we had to gradually increase our steps to 10,000 steps a day for 5 days a week and I did it even though when we first started at 5000 steps I never thought I'd make it to the 10,000. It felt good to do what I thought I couldn't!

Congratulations again!

Rebekah E. said...

Congrats on your 16th release. My accomplishment is that I have home school my kids for the past three years. I didn't think I could do it. It is tough but worth it.

Unknown said...

Congrats on your 16th book! The excerpt was really good. I recently became an aunt again. Now I have 2 nieces and 2 nephews.


petite said...

Congratulations on this milestone and best wishes for continued success and adventures. An accomplishment was becoming having two grandchildren born seven weeks apart this year. Exciting. Enjoy and congratulations.

Momma Of Three said...

Congrats! What an accomplishment! That's awesome.

Unknown said...

Congrats on your Sweet 16! So proud for you!

My is that my business is finally bringing money in, instead of taking it out!!

Alison said...

Congrats on your Sweet 16 Christie! I can't wait to start Blame it on Texas!

My latest accomplishment is organizing my kitchen. Its been a disorganized mess for years and I finally went through it and got rid of junk and found everything else a home.

ErinT said...

Congrats Christie! I got your book on my ereader this morning.
My accomplishment is FINALLY owning our own house, after years of being renters.

CrystalGB said...

Congrats on your awesome milestone! Blame it on Texas sounds amazing. I love the cover.
My accomplishment this summer has been canning and freezing vegetables from my garden.
Thank you for the great contest.

mariehahn13 said...

Congratulations and Happy Release Day! :)

Not to be all semi depressing lol but when I was 19, I was diagnosed with PCOS and told that children were probably not ever going to be in my future, MAYBE if I took fertility drugs, but unlikely. So, imagine my surprise when I was 23, and pregnant! Being very overweight, I was worried about gestational diabetes and things of that nature, and so worried about something not developing properly for my baby. So I did what most women find it impossible to do, I ate SUPER healthy when I was pregnant. I managed to actually lose weight myself (to the praises of my doctors), and very selflessly made sure that everything was about my growing baby.

After I delivered my baby and went in for my check up, the doctor came back in and said because of my change of habits and lifestyle, and because of the pregnancy hormones, my PCOS was no more. To this day, almost 6 years later, I am still PCOS free.

My daughter, to this day and for the rest of time, will be my biggest and best accomplishment, but being able to make good choices and rid myself of such a painful syndrome is pretty up there too :)

Congratulations, again, and thank you for the opportunity to win! :)

traveler said...

Congratulations on your 16th release. Your perseverance and hard work has been rewarded and is deserved. Have a wonderful celebration and much happiness and fun for your future. I completed a diploma which took years at night but persisted and succeeded.

Terri Osburn said...

I have a TBR stack a mile deep and now this one just shot to the top. Dang that excerpt is good. Congrats on number sixteen! You deserve all this success and more!

I've had a year full of accomplishments to the point I'm still pinching myself. Finaling in the GH, signing with an agent. I even won a free full-blown website. I really need to pick up a lottery ticket!

Lisa Cox said...

I guess my most recent accomplishment was to buy an old 1935 farmhouse on 3 acres in Missouri and make the horrendous move from Texas. But I love the country and it is gorgeous in Missouri.

Christie Craig said...

Thank you everyone for joining me in my celebration. I love reading all your success stories. Thanks so much for sharing.


crystaley73 said...

Congrats on your Sweet Sixteen and the release. A for an Iaccomplishments, I lost 20 lbs in the last few monts, funushed my new bathroom and started college this year.

Christie Craig said...

Thank you everyone for joining me in my celebration. I love reading all your success stories. Thanks so much for sharing.


Rochelle@AFamilyofLooneys said...

Congratulations on your 16th release. I can't wait to read it :-)

My accomplishment is keeping up with my 4year old twin boys. They are such a handful some days LOL.

Lisa said...

After getting a divorce and being on my own with 2 children, I went back to college and just graduated. That was a big one!

Nadine said...

Congrats on #16! I raise a glass and toast you to 16 more. Hmm...accomplishments. Well, I've homeschooled my oldest for going on 9 years. This is her last year. Next year she starts high school. I've also passed on a love for books to both my girls. My youngest can't wait to learn to read.

Unknown said...

Congrats! My success story is after 18 months I am breast cancer free! Yay me... While going through 5 breast surgeries , I started reading again and got hooked. ( again) I read quite a few of your books during recovery time. Thank you for all your awesome characters

Unknown said...

My success story is my battle with breast cancer. After 18 months as of now I am cancer free. Yay me... While dealing with the multiple surgeries I caught up on my reading and git hooked again :) I read many of your books during that time. Thank you for your awesome characters.

leegomez said...

Congrats on the release!

My biggest accomplishment right now has been getting more organized in all aspects of my life, and thereby finding extra time to go work out every day. Not only do I feel better, but I'm less stressed, so it's been a win all around :)

Amy said...

Happy Release Day and congrats on all your success. Great blog post. Your books are so fun to read! I have re-read all of RS ones over and over. Thanks for writing such great entertainment for us readers. :)

Katie said...

Congratulations! My accomplishment: I earned my first check as a freelance editor this summer!

Kathleen O said...

Congrats on your Sweet Sixteen... My accomplishment was making it on my own when I move away from my family and friends and it will be 10yrs this Sept 1st...
Thanks for always makeing me feel so good when I read your books...

Alison B said...

Congrats Christie and I can't wait for many many more. My accomplishment that makes me the most happy is losing a job that I hated and gaining a job that I love and am proud of. Taking control after having so many failures in my life.

Francyne said...

Congratulations on Sweet 16. I remember BEFORE your #1 and when that happened the race was on. My accomplishment was getting a newspaper column published. I had this great critique group (you, included) who helped me with critiques, getting it ready to mail out, and holding my hand until I got "the call." After 15 years, I retired, but haven't forgotten all the work it takes.

Sarah S. said...

Hi Christie. Congratulations on the 16th release.

My biggest accomplishment is graduating with my masters degree in Geophysics.

Peter said...
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Peter said...

Congratulations, Christie, on another fabulously funny book! -Kathleen

Anonymous said...

Christie: Congratulations! Here's to the first Sweet Sixteen! Thanks for the excerpt -- it sounds like an awesome read. My accomplishment? At my age, I'm a 5 times nationally certified fitness instructor teaching 6 classes a week (and working full time too). Who knew.....?

Anonymous said...

Christie: Congratulations! Here's to the first Sweet Sixteen! Thanks for the excerpt -- it sounds like an awesome read. My accomplishment? At my age, I'm a 5 times nationally certified fitness instructor teaching 6 classes a week (and working full time too). Who knew.....?

gds said...

Congrats on the releases! That is so far beyond way cool. And I just love this series; can't wait for my copy to arrive -- even pre-ordered isn't fast enough! :>)

Accomplishments: Well, I like to think I've had a few. The latest is a despite-the-world-being-against-us successful move back across the US (it's the third trek for us). We had drama, angst, illness, craziness but we made it. Just the fact that we came out the other side is an accomplishment, trust me! It was that bad.

Thanks for the great reads!

Leiha said...

Congratulations on your Sweet Sixteen! I would say one of my most recent accomplishments was completing a half marathon. I walked it but considering I never walk, finishing the half marathon really meant something to me.

Anonymous said...

Congratulations and may you have many more (book releases). My accomplishment is not going completely mental with CLEAN ALL THE THINGS in preparation for my parents' visit. I mean just today... washed dishes, bathed dogs, clean under and inside couches, filled out medical forms, changed the beds, put sheets to wash, put away my laundry (set up so kids can put theirs away), and cleaned up the pruned branches. My days have been like that for over a week and I remained sane. Totally an accomplishment.

Quilt Lady said...

Congrats on number 16 and I feel its you lucky number. Your books are always awesome. Love reading them. I got my sister hooked on your work and she goes after and book of yours she can find. I think we have read all of your books so far.

Not sure you would call this an accomplishment but I did get my much needed back surgery this summer and am still recovering. Going to PT twice a week and walking the other days of the week. Right now I am up to walking two miles a day. That is pretty good for me, but so far have not lost a pound of weight.

catslady said...

Congratulations on sweet 16!! I can remember being sweet 16 and never been kissed but that was remedied soon after lol. I enjoyed the excerpt very much! 16 books is quite an accomplishment! I have to say raising my two daughters to be wonderful adults. And caring for lots of ferals/strays :)

Anonymous said...

Congrats on your 16th release! That is a major accomplishment! One of my most recent accomplishments was finally RUNNING a 5K. I've never done that before. I trained for 6 weeks and I was able to do it. It was really hard but I did it. As a wife and Mom of 2, we don't always take the time for ourselves. This was my thing and I was proud of myself for sticking with it and succeeded. :)

Corrie said...

Congrats on your release, that is so exciting!

Recently I have made two accomplishments in my life, I graduated college, making me a rocket scientist(I wonder when I will get tired of saying that?) and I cleaned out my room at my parents house...I am not sure which of those was harder honestly.

I can't wait to read this book!

Mo said...

Congratulations on number 16th. It was waiting on my kindle this morning and I started reading it before work.

My accomplishments are 31 wonderful years with the man I love and 36 years working a job I enjoy.

Christie Craig said...

I'm loving reading these. Congrats to all of you on your accomplishments!!!


moojuice said...

I am so impressed by your accomplishments, Christie. Congratulations on all 16 of those books! I'm only worried I have somehow missed one...will be looking into that right away.

I had to think about it but I guess my current accomplishment is keeping my s*** together when I've had to stop working due to disability. Although others have praised me for that, I don't usually think of it as an accomplishment; it's just doing what you have to do. Thanks for the prompt to think of it a little differently!

MegMeg said...

Congratulations on your 16th book! I just started your new Texas novel and am already loving it!!! :)

AnonymousWoman said...

Congrats on the 16th release! That is an accomplishment considering some people never even get one book published!

TrishJ said...

Congrats on the 16th release. I have read them all except Blame it on Texas .. and loved em. My accomplishment is that I quit working. My husband is retired from the military .. and so far (knock on wood) we are getting along just fine ... 24/7. ;-).

chey said...

Congrats on your 16th release!!
My most recent accomplishment is cleaning out my computer room.

Jane said...

Happy Release Day and congrats on your 16th release, Christie. One of my accomplishments is that I recently lost the couple pounds that have been plaguing me since the holidays.

Na said...

Happy Sweet Sixteen! There are so many wonderful things to celebrate in life in addition to birthdays. The good thin gabout book birthdays is that there are no grey hairs or aging bones, only the feeling of accomplishment, pride, more readers and the support of yur loved ones. Big congratulations, Christie. Soak it in and here's to many more birthdays and celebrations in your life.

Jemi Fraser said...

Congrats on the 16th release!! :) Sadly, I'm in Canada, so don't enter me in the draw. (Well, to clarify I'm not sad I'm in Canada - I love being Canadian :))

Brandy said...

Happy 16th Release Day!
I feel bad. I don't have many accomplishments. Nothing major recently, anyway.
I passed my CWP tests. I'm now legal to carry, but don't. Carry a weapon, that is.
I didn't cry when my MIL asked me if I wanted a shower curtain rod (one of those curved ones) for my birthday this week. I was polite and murmured "no, thank you".
Not great, but it is what it is. Next year will be better. I'm going to get my certification so I can teach yoga.

Reneec23 said...

Congrats! That is sooo incredible!! My accomplishment is I made a bracelet that is actually wearable. I love doing crafty things, and they usually turn out not so crafty looking, but I made several bracelets last week, and one turned out great!

Unknown said...

Congratulations on your sweet 16 of book releases, that is an really impressive number. My accomplishment is raising a really great kid, it isn't always easy but he is a sweetheart and I love him to pieces.

fencingromein at hotmail dot com

Barbara E. said...

Congrats on a way better Sweet Sixteen than a sixteenth birthday! Blame it on Texas sounds like a great story and I'm really looking forward to reading it. Today at my weigh in, I reached the milestone of losing 55 lbs on Weight Watchers. It made me smile all day. :D

Unknown said...

Biggest accomplishment so far?
When my 7 year old son walked through a door that a girl held open from him, I pulled him aside and I explained that a gentleman would thank you her for the thoughtfulness but then hold the door for her to walk through. The next time it happened he remembered what I said and held the door for an older woman, and said, "please, go ahead.". The woman smiled at him, then me and we both knew there is hope for our next generation of true gentlemen.

Love your books. Congrats!

Kristi said...

Congratulations! Happy Sweet 16th! I preordered it for my Kindle and can't wait to start it. I think one of my biggest accomplishments is learning how to say NO. I do everything for everyone and I've finally learned to stop it. It was exhausting and I never had a second for myself.

MistyK said...

Congratulations on the new book--it was great! My latest accomplishment was reading your book as quickly as I could. Now I just have to be patient waiting for Kylie's latest adventures.

Anonymous said...

Congrats on you new release! 16th book - wow!

My greatest accomplishment is graduating college. Okay, it was getting accepted into the college that many members of my family aspired to (but I was the first - perhaps only - one to get in). Graduation was such a relief! Then I had to find a good job to pay back all my loans...

donnas said...

Congrats on your 16th release!! Great excerpt. Thanks for sharing!

My biggest is graduating college.

Michele L. said...

Ok, my greatest accomplishment is obtaining a BS in construction and getting an "A" on my senior project. I had to put an oral presentation together for all the professors in the construction dept., write a detailed report (which took forever on my typewriter!), with presentation boards of the building I designed which included landscape plans, elevations, architectural plans, details, etc. along with a video of behind-the-scenes footage of an actual aquarium. My hubby and I went to the Shedd Aquarium in Chicago and were given a behind-the-scenes look at how all the functions of a working aquarium operate. We were allowed to tape our tour and I incorporated it into my presentation. I also had to draw a building of an aquarium to be located on an actual empty lot, which I found next to the marina close to me here in Indiana. Plus, I had to go to the city and get the building codes to put up my fictional building there. The professors wanted us to incorporate everything we had learned from our 4 year degree into our project. It was the most extensive, elaborate, time consuming class ever! I almost didn't finish writing my report and getting all the presentation boards made. My hubby and I worked late into the night many times. My husband said that the class should have been a 6 credit class instead of 4 since it was like two classes combined. So, maybe I need to rephrase my initial comment to, my biggest accomplishment is "finishing" my senior project and getting an "A". My dear hubby and I were so glad when it was all over! We went out and celebrated because I couldn't have done it without him!

Michele L. said...

Plus, here is my huge, hearty congrats to an awesome, sweet 16! WOOHOO! Doing the happy dance for you! Way to go Christie!

lucy0326 said...

Happy Sweet sixteen!! :D

One accomplishment that I've had lately is I got my dream job lol I just got a part time job at my local B&N and I love it! I get o work with books and help people find good books they're looking for :D

C.C. Hunter said...

Seriously guys. Reading all your accomplisments is so inspiring.

Thanks you to everyone who posted!!


Christie Craig said...

Okay...that C.C. Hunter, the B with an itch is always up to something. She snuck in here and posted for me.


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