Thursday, August 23, 2012

In the market for...

I need a new laptop. If a laptop had legs, mine would be on its last ones. I've been trying to figure out what to buy--and what not to buy--and I need help.

Not being a techie, I usually rely on recommendations from friends and online reviews to figure out what will work best.

I have a PC. I've always had a PC. My son, however, has had both a PC and a Mac. He's a total Mac convert now. Obviously, his vote is for a Mac.

I'm not overly picky. First and foremost, I want portability. I've had the laptops that weigh a ton and I'm ready for something that is lightweight and somewhat compact that won't give me a hernia when I haul it everywhere.

I want a laptop that has a speedy processor and enough memory to  hold pictures, videos, documents, etc. until it's time to buy a new one.

And being the fiscal conservative I am, I want to get good value for my consumer dollars.

So help me out here. For general writing purposes, etc. have you had good luck with a particular brand/model of laptop? Conversely, are there any you wouldn't buy again or have been less than thrilled with the performance?

Thanks in advance for any suggestions you have!

You know. I'm becoming kind of excited about getting to shop for a new computer. You know how we women like to shop. :)



Pamela said...

Personally, I have had an HP laptop now for about two years, and the thing is quite the trooper.

Paid roughly 400 for it, speed is comparable to current standards, and sound is wonderful. Plenty of free space on hard drive for works in progress or other things. Only downside is that they preload a lot of useless software on there that just ends up wasting space.

Not as light as the Mac's out there, but definitely lighter than the laptops of years past.


Sarah S. said...

I can say without a doubt do not ever purchase a netbook. Those things are complete garbage. They are extraordinary light-weight and portable, both positives, but the reason they are so light-weight is they don't include a fan to cool off the hard-drive. And the one I purchased (a dell) didn't feel like turning the hard-disks off after so many minutes of activity like I set it to do. Also whenever it downloaded the windows automatic updates it couldn't quite manage to restart the computer completely so I would have to hard re-set it every time. And I do mean every time.

All that said I now have an ipad3 I do most of my online stuff on and my husband has a macbook pro that he swears by. I've only used it a few times but it seems awesome since you can purchase all of the microsoft office software in the mac version and supposedly it has all the same features.

Barbara E. said...

About a year ago I was in the market for a new computer. I had always had a PC, but after a visit to Best Buy where I checked out everything they had, I decided to entertain the idea of buying a Mac. After doing quite a bit of research, I decided to buy an iMac and I have been very happy with it. I don't think I'd go back to a PC again. :D

Kathy Bacus said...

I recently looked at an HP ultralight was impressed Pamela. I did notice all the "junk" software they put on it that I will never use, though. It was around $600.

Kathy Bacus said...

Thank you for the heads up on the netbook, Sarah. The size and weight are attractive, but I sure don't want to experience the issues you have.

I had an iPad (for about two minutes). I gave it to my college-senior son who needed it more than I did. :(

I haven't met a Mac user who didn't sing its praises. Just wondering how big the learning curve is after using PCs for so many years.

Kathy Bacus said...

I know from my son's experience, the Apple technical support is very good, Barbara. How difficult was it to learn to use your iMac?