Saturday, October 29, 2011

What's On My Kindle

Winners! Winners!

Krisgils, you won Don't Make me Make you Brownies By Nina Cordoba

Refhater, you won Border Heat by Teri Thackston

Zita, you won Spider's Dance by Will Graham

Mo, you won Virtues' Design by R.M. Brand

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Thanks and congrats.

Contest! Contest! Today each of these authors are giving away an e-copy of their book. All you have to do is leave a comment. Then make sure you come back Monday morning and see who won. The winners will be announced on the top of this blog along with instructions of how to get your free e-book.

As an author, I love to read. If I didn’t absolutely love reading, then I doubt I would have ever become a writer. Books have always been extremely important to me. So, I thought you would like to see what I am currently reading on my Kindle. Also, I thought you’d appreciate three things you will learn from reading each book.

Spider’s Dance by Will Graham

The worst environmental disaster of the millennium leads computer security and forensics consultant Nicholas White into a labyrinth of intrigue and danger, a mystery with roots going back to World War II.

When an oil rig explodes in the Gulf of Mexico, the company Nicholas works for is held responsible for the catastrophe. Assigned to offer technical assistance to rescue/recovery sites along the coastline, Nicholas notices irregularities that start to form a pattern…. and he begins to suspect the explosion was not an accident.

With the help of an alluring but skeptical Interpol agent who has her own agenda, Nicholas unravels a web of deceit and death leading back in time to the Holocaust.... and is forced into a final confrontation with an inhuman killer.

Three things you’ll learn from reading Spider’s Dance:

  1. Flying in private jets, being met by a car and driver, and living and working out of a hotel suite in New Orleans while on an expense account sounds glamorous, but it wears out real fast, usually around the fifth week.

  2. Questioning Corporate Politics can get you into real trouble. Instead of just getting fired, you can end up in another country, fighting for your life against a homicidal madman.

  3. When the Right Woman comes along, even the most confirmed, stubborn, difficult, 'I'm not the marrying kind' bachelor will revise his behavior and attitudes almost immediately.

By Virtues’ Design by RM Brand

The Empire will fall. Jacob Murak, Emperor of Alinia and keeper of all magic, knows this and there is little he can do but watch and wait. There seems no hope for his people as they are systematically killed in a war meant to weaken his resolve as much as it is to weaken his forces. This is made worse by the magic he must use to fight the enemy, which traps him under the weight of guilt that leaves women battered and him bitter. The twinkling angels in the night sky do not weep for him. They have witnessed his shame. As punishment they send him one of their own, a woman from another world who knows no magic except the inventions she weaves in her mind. This beautiful engineer isn’t afraid to explore his nightmares and face the demon within him. This only deepens his sadness, even as it intensifies his desire for her. He must have her, but the cost will be great.

Maria can't believe she’s fallen in love with a man she met in her dreams. Dream men are supposed to stay where they belong, in her head. She is a civil engineer, not a woman prone to flights of fancy, but there is something peculiar about these dreams, something a little too real. Then again, maybe her mother is right. Maybe this dream man is just her subconscious trying to help her heal from the wounds of a nasty divorce. But things start to happen—marks appear on her body, the car keys go missing, and then there is a visitor who says he knows about the dreams and where to find her otherworldly lover. Could this be real? Dare she believe? It will take a miracle to be with Jacob, not to mention a whole lot of magic.

Three things you’ll learn from reading By Virtues’ Design:

  1. Aliens from other worlds will eat your chocolate cake if you leave it out overnight.

  2. Make sure to fill the gas tank before you go to sleep, just in case you need to go somewhere while you’re dreaming.

  3. Make sure to dress before heading to the dinner table. You never know who might conduct a video conference through your soup.

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Border Heat by Teri Thackston

Murderous drug runners, a wildfire in the Texas desert and the President's runaway daughter…Game Warden Shannon Walker didn't sign up for any of this. Add a sexy Secret Service Agent, unexpected betrayal and a desperate escape into the desert, and the border becomes hotter than Shannon can handle.

Three things you’ll learn from reading Border Heat:

  1. A lot of things can burn in the desert.

  2. Texas Game Wardens receive training that is the same as--or more rigorous than--federal law enforcement officers receive.

  3. The dangers that drive us apart can often also bring us back together.

Don’t Make Me Make You Brownies by Nina Cordoba

Raised by vegetarian hippies, Abbie Greenwood wants to save the world. But the L.A. TV station where she works won’t let her do the globally important stories she wants to do, and now the “guys upstairs” are suggesting she mix a little of “the nasty into her helping-people segments. Afraid the TV biz is going to suck out her soul, Abbie takes all the time-off she’s saved and house sits for her sister in the suburbs of Houston where conservatism and good barbequing skills are highly rated. Once in Houston, Abbie causes a ruckus with a column she guest-writes for the neighbor-hood newsletter and butts heads with the president of the homeowner’s association from across the street. Rick’s a real hunk (yum!) of a lawyer (yuck!) who drives a fancy pickup (wasting natural resources), is an ex-rodeo cowboy (too macho, but kinda hot) and has been known to vote conservatively on occasion (dead faint). Unfortunately, he’s also irresistible and available since his wife took off, leaving him with their six-year-old daughter.

After some malicious neighborhood mischief followed by a hot encounter in his kitchen, Abbie decides she’d better stay away or this guy could change her life in a way she never thought she wanted. But when her volunteer job, teaching English as a Second Language, gets her arrested on suspicion of smuggling illegal aliens, who is the only emergency contact her sister left? Mr. Hunky-Annoying-Across-the-Street-Lawyer, of course. And as Abbie feels herself getting “sucked in” by Rick, she realizes life’s decisions aren’t always as black and white as she’d like them to be.

Three things you’ll learn from reading Don’t Make Me Make You Brownies:

  1. The quickest way to get laid is to go to your local homeowner's association meeting.

  2. Under the right circumstances, even dog crap can be sexy.

  3. Oil, water, and eggs are optional. Brownie mix is edible straight from the box

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Shawnna said...

OMG, brownies and chocolate cake...does it get any better?! These books sound fabulous... :)

Loretta Wheeler said...

What great appetizer's for reading! Each one brings something different to the table:)
Evidently I need to have breakfast, all my references relate to food...
Intriguing blog, Christie:)I'm hoping to stock my pantry with one of these little temptations!
God, how cheesy, I'm signing off!:)

Robin Kaye said...

Ooh, they all sound incredibly delicious...especially the brownies.

krisgils33 said...

great looking books!

Refhater said...

Can we still enter if we don't have an e-reader?

All the books look awesome though! Best of luck to everyone.

Susan M said...

Pick me, pick me. Four such different books, yet each one sounds intriguing. Can’t wait to read them all. You know where to find the good ones, Christie.

Anonymous said...

I love Teri Thackston's book, and her latest is on my Kindle. It looks like my TBR list is going to grow once I add the new authors' books to my list. Thanks for the recommendations, CC!


Zita said...

Now I'm hungry...thanks!

Teri Thackston said...

You can get a free Kindle for PC download from Amazon. It allows you to read on your's simple to get and use.

K S Yoshida said...

I've read both Border Heat and By Virtues' Design, both great books in very different genres! After seeing these recommendations I'll be picking up the other two books in the post!

And if the brownies are as delicious as the chocolate cake scene in By Virtues' Design I'll be one happy camper :0)

Pamela said... many good ereader is weeping at the size of my to be read pile, which just grew by a few more books.

Mo said...

Wow, they all sound like great reads. I'd love to win any of them. I just discovered Will Graham earlier this year when I picked up "Street Heat" for my kindle. More goodness to add to my to be read pile.

Nina Cordoba said...

Thanks to the hilariously funny (yes, I know it's redundant, but she warrants it) Christie Craig for the mention.

KC said...

I'm with Shawna - OMG brownies and chocolate cake. Can these writers get any more "comforting"?