Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Awake at Dawn!!!!

The day has finally arrived--the release of Awake at Dawn!!! I have been going crazy anticipating its release! Now, at last, Awake at Dawn is available to my readers!

Readers will know: What was in Lucas's letter. You finally get to see Kylie make it to the falls. Is someone in there? Can you guess who it will be? Kylie had more dreams, and now she's suspicious that these aren't just regular dreams. Miranda gets kissed. Ahh, but it's not by Perry. Poor Perry isn't happy. Then of course, there's Kylie discovering more powers. What is that girl gonna do? So many things are happening.

I hope you'll enjoy reading it and learning more about Kylie and all her friends.

In Born at Midnight, Lucas gave Kylie a black and white kitten named Socks. (Isn't she adorable?!?!) In Awake at Dawn, Socks goes through some changes, but, of course, Kylie's love for her never wavers. I'm sure many of you have pets that you love, too. I know I do, and, as you recall, I have talked about them in past blogs. Sometimes they drive me crazy, but then I see them do something cute and I can't help but grab my camera. So, in celebration of the release of Awake at Dawn, I thought I'd share a few of my favorite photos of my pets.

Photo 1 Photo 2

Photo 3 Photo 4
Photo 3 Photo 4

Contest Alert!!!

Now, you get the opportunity to win a cool basket of Awake at Dawn prizes. We're talking a book. A Shadow Falls necklace I had designed and made. Some Chocolate and more. It's a really cool basket guys. All you have to do is look at the photos of my pets and think up some funny captions and post them. The cutest/funniest one will win. Check back in two weeks to see if your caption won. The winner will have 24 hours to claim their prize.


Diane Kelly said...

Cute pet photos!

One of my favorite parts from Born at Midnight was when the boy shape-shifted into a kitten and the ensuing hilarity. : )

sarah said...

Photo 1 - die monkey die (or that would be what my cat would say to me)

Photo 2 - You mean that this isn't the vegetable that my vet was referring to when he said to eat more of them?

Photo 3 - My life's like a box of chocolates when you leave... completely empty

Photo 4 - What do you mean the dog show people won't let me wear it? I'm a winner, aren't I?


Terri Osburn said...

My child has already demanding she get this book TONIGHT so I won't get to wait two weeks. But she'd love the necklace too. So here goes...

Photo 1: When I get out of this, I will destroy you all.

Photo 2: Don’t worry little pumpkin man, I’ll save you from that evil cat.

Photo 3: I can’t believe I ate the whole thing.

Photo 4: First my boys, and now this?

Refhater said...

Photo 1: I’ll get you and you’re little dog too!

Photo 2: They’ll never know I dropped this in the toilet!

Photo 3: My diet doesn’t start until Monday right?

Photo 4: Seriously?

Tambra said...

Hi Christie,

I've been eagerly awaiting Awake at Dawn. Love the series!!

This was fun. Can't wait to see what other people post.


Here are my captions.

Photo 1: I hate you. Expect cat-venge.

Photo 2: It followed me home. Can I keep it?

Photo 3: Not even one tiny piece. You suck.

Photo 4: Don't hate me because I'm beautiful.

C.C. Hunter said...

Hi Guys!

Thanks so much for stopping by and putting in your captions and visiting with me on my release day. I'm so excited. The contest last for two weeks. So keep 'em coming.

Have a great day.


Robin Kaye said...

Oh Christie~ I can't wait to tell Twinkle Toes it's out. I suspect I'll be driving to Frederick after school to pick up a copy.

Love the pet photos. I don't know how you got that picture of your cat--mine would kill me.

misty said...

Photo#1: Ok i wore the hat now can i have my tuna????

Photo#2: Mom it stopped playing with me.....fix it please....

Photo#3: who knew a bed of roses was so soft??

Photo#4:Please set my kibble next to the water bowl, and make sure my water is room temperature.

Anneliese said...

Photo #3 - You can has my heart if I can has a chocolate? Can you say no to this face? Christie - I love your books and I have a super soft spot for Mastiffs! Love your Grand Puppy!

Denise Z said...

1. Ohhh I ate to many Snickers.

2. Next time Mr. P you will share the candy!

3. Puppy luv - Happy Valentines Mom!

4. Of course I'm a beauty queen princess,what you thought I was a dog?

Thanks for the fun!


alainala said...

Photo 1 - When i get out of this, ill show you who the devil really is..

Photo 2 - i got it i got it i got it i did.. did i do a good job?

Photo 3- I cant believe i ate the whooolle thing!!

Photo 4 - I feel pretty, so pretty!!! (bacon??)

alainala AT hotmil DOT ca

FashionPixi said...

Photo 1: "Don't talk to me. Traitor!"

Photo 2: "He tried to trick me so I got him. Time for dinner."

Photo 3: "Baby come back, you can blame it all on me!"

Photo 4: "Mommy, I'm cute right? Right?"

hehehe I had so much fun with this. XD

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