Friday, September 09, 2011

Our new house!

I’m lame.  I should have had a blog all prewritten and ready to post today.  But I don’t.  Because my brains is totally fried from… wait for it… moving!  Yes, we finally found a fabulous house and we’ve spent all week taking car loads of stuff back and forth, meeting with handy-men, carpet cleaners, painters, cable guys, and A/C people (we got A/C installed – yaaay!).    

I’ll post a full picture tour later… once you can see anything but boxes in the photos… but for now here are a couple rooms you can kinda see past the boxes. 

This is the FABULOUS deck off the side of the house.  I think we’ll be doing most of our living here.   We’re up a little hill, so we have a great view of downtown San Jose at night, and gorgeous trees surrounding us.  It’s almost like living in the mountains, only we’re juts two minutes from downtown.  (And, yes, that is Baby Boy’s Harley Davidson big wheels in the shot.  The man couldn’t resist buying it now that we have somewhere outside for Baby Boy to play.) 

And this one is our kitchen.  If you ignore the boxes, you can kinda see the beautiful stone counter tops and farmhouse cabinets.  Very clean and bright.  It’s the only functional room we have right now. I love it!

 Okay, off to put together the Big Boy’s desk so he can do his homework tonight.  Have a great weekend everyone.  I know what mine will be spent on… unpacking!  

~Trigger Happy Halliday


Kima said...

Even from the two pictures, I can see that your house is beautiful! See, good things do come to those who wait.

As someone who recently moved from her home of 15 years to her now husband's house then to our new home and then moved her office at work (all within about 3 months), here's some advice: unpacked boxes are a fact of life. Find a place to hide them and don't stress if they aren't unpacked within the first year. As long as you are reasonably sure whatever you've lost is within the confines of your home, you will find it. Probably not when you want it, but it will be found eventually. So far, that theory has worked for me.

Glad you found a home!

Tori Lennox said...

I LOVE that kitchen!!!! And the deck is gorgeous too!

Linda McDonald said...

Congrats on the new house! I bet you are so happy the house hunting is over. Now time to unpack and settle in to your new home. :)

Anonymous said...

It looks beautiful!

bibliojunkies said...

That is one great deck! Congrats on the move!

Unknown said...

From your description, it seems like your deck has a wonderful view. Heh, it seems like the perfect spot to relax in during a nice day, don't you think? I hope the moving didn't stress you out too much - going back and forth can be pretty hectic.

Randolph Coleson

Randy said...

Indeed, that deck has a lot of potential. Ha ha, in fact, just one push of creativity would make that area SUPER. Well, it's a nice place, and no doubt the other areas in the house are as good as that.

Well, big congrats on the move!
-Randy Robinson