Friday, February 11, 2011

We have a nanny... and she knows me.

Last week we hired a nanny. Best day evah!! She’s awesomely sweet, and she’s coming to watch Baby T in the mornings so that I can get some work done. She works as an au pair for another family, too, but their kids are older and in school in the mornings, so she had free time. Score for us! We’re getting a fancy au pair at babysitter prices! So far, Baby T loves her. Then again, what’s not to love? She’s plays with him, takes him to the park, and basically gives him undivided attention for hours on end. Best investment I’ve ever made.

The first couple of days that she was here, I stayed with the two of them, working from the living room where all the toys and Wiggles dvds are, while Baby T got used to the idea of someone other than Mommy taking care of him. It was on one of those days that our new nanny turned to me and said, “You know, when I first met you, you looked so familiar.”

I tried to search what memory I have left (babies tend to make one lose their mind faster than a lobotomy), but she didn’t seem familiar to me. I suggested maybe she’d seen me around town somewhere - at the grocery store or the park. She kind of nodded and agreed that maybe it was possible. But I could tell it still bothered her.

Me? I forgot all about it.

Until today.

After a week of working with us, Nanny came in this morning and triumphantly told me she realized where she’d seen my before. Facebook. Apparently, one of her friends has read my books and is a “fan” of my author page on Facebook. My author photo has been showing up on her friend’s page! She told me, “I know you now. You’re that famous author.”

I was kinda flabbergasted. Okay, very flabbergasted. I stammered, blushed, and assured her that I am not a “famous author” (maybe Nora, but not me).

While the whole thing was a little weird, after I let it sink it, it was kinda cool, too. This is the first time someone has recognized me in real life after seeing my author photo.  And one of my New Year’s resolutions was to be more active on social networks. I guess I’m doing well on that front on Facebook at least.

So, what about you guys… anyone else ever encountered Facebook infamy before? Good or bad? What’s the oddest thing that’s happened to you on Facebook?

~Trigger Happy Halliday


Misha said...

Nothing to do with Facebook, but people at university always know me.

It's uncanny how much they know.


Robin Kaye said...

I did have someone email me through my website to ask if they could friend me on facebook. They weren't sure if I allowed fans. LOL That's the closest I've ever got to a facebook experience.

Diane Kelly said...

Nope. Nobody ever recognizes me. But I've been told I look like actress Teri Gar and could be author Lori Foster's evil twin. So close but yet so far. : )

Hey, did you know you can take a tax credit for a % of the payments to the babysitter since you're working while she's on duty? How cool is that!

TerriOsburn said...

I get the occasional weird message on Facebook, but not often. I guess some people use it as a dating site? No idea what these strangers are thinking.

Congrats on the nanny and the tax break! LOL!

Stephanie said...

So cool!!!! I'm working toward that!!!

I so wish I could hire someone or afford daycare even like 2 days a week. I would love to get some uninterrupted tome to work. As is, I sit here and write with Diego in the background.

Tori Lennox said...

Nobody would ever recognize me from pictures on Facebook (or Twitter). They're all old pictures. LOL!

Gemma Halliday said...

Hey, did you know you can take a tax credit for a % of the payments to the babysitter since you're working while she's on duty? How cool is that!

Seriously? SWEET! I'm going to see a tax accountant for the first time next week. I'm scared. I'm afirad he's going to wag his finger at the way I've been doing my own for years. But this year Baby T ate half my receipts (Yes. Ate them.) so I know I need help. I'll be sure to mention this!

Amanda Brice said...

Oh wow, that's crazy!

My weirdest Facebook experience (which really isn't all that weird) is that I keep getting automatatic suggestions for "people you might know" for my well as the sorority sister he slept with while I was studying abroad in France.

Um, yeah. I don't think I'll be adding either one of them as "friends" anytime soon.

Amanda Brice said...

Oh yeah, and congrats on the new nanny!!! I bet that's such a relief. Yay!