Thursday, December 17, 2009

Visions of Sugar Plums...and other goodies!

A week until Christmas Eve day! It's down to the wire for most folks. Shopping. Housecleaning. Travel plans. Baking. Every family has its own holiday traditions and they generally include the preparation of holiday goodies.

Christmas wouldn't be Christmas without the food. I anticipate the the treats that accompany the holiday season as much the youngsters anticipate the arrival of a certain jolly fat man with a long white beard.

Unfortunately, I'm no Martha Stewart. So I keep my Yuletide yummies sweet and simple.

If you have young children, roll out, cookie-cutter sugar cookies for decorating are absolutely required. At my home other old favorites are fudge (peanut butter and chocolate), peanut butter balls, almond bark cereal cookies, marshmallow treats, divinity, and basically anything edible you can cover with chocolate. Plus, of course, pie, pie, and more pie!

What are you known best for in terms of holiday treats? I'd love to try something new. Any 'can't fail' recipes you can share for those of us...domestically challenged? What will be gracing your holiday goodie table this year?
Okay. Now I've gone and made myself hungry. Good thing I've already got cookie dough in the fridge!
Good luck getting that last minute shopping and holiday prep done!
~Bullet Hole~


Brandy said...

I haven't really been baking this year, for the first time in years. Um, an easy recipe? Chocolate mouse made with chocolate pudding and whipped cream. *G*

ErinT said...

Simple thing I make that is a big hit is candy cane cupcakes. Bake them and then arrange them on a tray so they form thew shape of a candy cane and frost with white frosting. Then you need a bag of Christmas M&M's arrange the M&M's in diagonal lines across the frosted cupcakes. Easy peasy and a huge hit!
Happy Holidays!

Becky LeJeune said...

Every year my grandmother sends boxes of Texas pecans and Texas grapefruit. So, all of my holiday goodies have -- pecans! So far, I've made sandies (they're fantastic), these great pecan bars (a new to me recipe), and butterscotch chip cookies with pecans.