Thursday, November 15, 2012

'Leaf' Em Laughing

I bet you're wondering why I've posted a picture of a pile of leaves on the parking area of a yard. Okay. So maybe you aren't. I'm going to enlighten you anyway. It's that time of year again. The weather turns cold. The leaves turn color. They brown. They fall to the ground where they are generally raked up, bagged, or mulched.

That's pretty standard. Right?

Well, not in my neighborhood. You see, I have this neighbor whose idea of dealing with the leaves that blow into her yard is to rake them in a pile and leave them right on the property line. She's done this every year since I've lived next door. We're going on eight years. Her hope is that traffic and the wind will blow those leaves away.

It works. They usually blow into my yard.

Now, to be fair, I do have a rather messy sycamore tree in my front yard. However, recently I had the tree trimmed way back. And this year I've already bagged ten bags of leaves from said tree. So, I'm doing my part.
Unfortunately, that's not good enough for my neighbor lady.

I'm at a bit of a disadvantage. My neighbor is elderly so I humor her. But seriously, there's something a wee bit beyond eccentric when a person goes out after dark to rake the leaves into the property line piles you see above. There's also cause for a raised eyebrow or two when a person calls the superintendent of schools to complain that the leaves from the trees across the street at the middle school blow into her yard and inquires just what the superintendent intends to do about it.

It's not as if we have control over where the wind blows our leaves. Right?

So, while I don't intend to lose any sleep over the "Leaf Wars," it got me to wondering if anyone else out there has come that make them shake their heads or sigh. Or maybe it's you who has the...issues. Whatever. Weigh in.

And since I won't get a chance to blog Thanksgiving, I want to wish you all a fabulous Thanksgiving. Stay safe and don't go too crazy on Black Friday if you venture out.

~Bullet Hole~


TrishJ said...

Gotta love neighbors. We had one who LOVED to talk. He was an elderly gentleman and whenever my dad went outside he would come over to talk. He wouldn't come in, just stand and talk .. for hours. After about a week of this my mom yelled out the front door that my dad had a phone call. And the neighbor just said he'wait. And he did, after 30 minutes, my dad went back out to talk. The neighbor did.this right up.until he couldn't walk. But he was a nice old man.

Terri Osburn said...

I have a tree in my front yard but no leaves in my yard. I have no trees in the back and yet the patio outside my back door is covered in leaves. Crazy!

I walk my dog every day and it's evident that there are dog owners in my neighborhood who do not pick up after their animals. I do. Other day a guy yelled out his front door, "You going to pick that up?!"

My dog hadn't gone to the bathroom, which I told him. He got an attitude and said he's sees a lot of crap out there. I don't know where he was looking but I hope he doesn't intend to harass me every time we walk by his house.

Unknown said...

You should have seen my sister and I kill ourselves laughing at my mom who was trying to sweep leaves from under the carport during a hurricane. It was a lost cause, the more she swept the more the wind blew in.