Thursday, November 29, 2012

I got the fever...!

Okay. I admit it. I got the fever. The Powerball fever. I dropped a ten-spot yesterday on a chance at the record jackpot. And, yes. I was one of those millions of folks watching those balls drop last night, ticket in hand. Now, on some level I knew that the odds of me winning were astronomical. In fact, every time the jackpot gets up there to the levels that have lots of zeroes on the end, some statistics wiz calculates the odds of winning for us so we can see just how foolish we are to think we have a chance to win.

But someone has to win eventually. Right? And that certainly can't be your or me if we don't play. Right?

Yeah. That's the kind of rationalization that had me in line behind a woman who had $200 in cash for tickets and was buying for a number of friends--INDIVIDUALLY.

Still, I figured if I showed I really, really, really wanted it badly enough to stand in line forever, the Fates would reward me.

Not so much.

This morning I hear that two winning tickets were sold: one in Missouri and one in Arizona. I don't have any relatives in Missouri any more, but I'm  holding out hope for extended family in AZ. ;)

As a writer, "what ifs" are a part of  my psyche. In fact, I should have those words tattooed somewhere. And I know that everyone who purchased a Powerball ticket for last night's drawing had to be doing their share of "what ifs" prior to those balls dropping.

I know I spent some time considering how life would change: What if I win? What would I do first? Who would I tell? What about my job? Who would I help? What would I buy? Where would I live? Yada yada yada.

Who else purchased a Powerball ticket for yesterday's drawing and already had some of it spent in your head? What would you have done with all that loot? Would you have quit your job? Traveled? Bought a new home (or a handful)? Started a non-profit foundation? Thrown the party to end all parties?

Since I didn't pick the winning numbers yesterday, it's back to work and back to writing for me. Which brings me to a question someone asked. Kathy, they asked. What if you won the lottery? Would you still write?

I wasn't sure how to respond. I'd never really thought about how becoming "rich" would affect my writing. I've been writing for so long, it's become part of who I am, as necessary in some respects as eating and sleeping. I don't know what I would do if I couldn't give rein to the voices in my head. Probably end up in a psych ward some where.

As it happens, however, I don't have to worry about that particular "what if". And, as any math genius will happily point out, the odds of my hitting a jackpot is relatively slim.

Which, I suppose, is very good news for Tressa Jayne Turner and the gang from Grandville and all those other colorful characters who keep yackity-yakking in my head.

~Bullet Hole~


Mo said...

I didn't know my husband had bought powerball ticket until this monring at work an email from him popped into by inbox saying "I have a winning powerball ticket from yesterdays' draw. A winning, not THE winning ..." Such a wise guy, it's agoog thing he's cute. He still hasn't told me if he wone more that the $1 he paid.

Kathy Bacus said...

OMG, Mo! You do have a trickster hubby! I thought about doing that same thing with my kids, but they know me too well.

Hope your husband won more than he invested. I ended up with only two numbers right.


catslady said...

From 3 tickets only 1 number bah humbug! People may think I'm strange, but I really didn't want to win the big one. I can't imagine the problems it could cause. But I sure would have liked winning a couple of million or so. After paying bills and taking care of my children, I would love to start a rescue for feral cats (and add a library to my house lol).

Kathy Bacus said...

You know, I think you're right, catslady. That much money is more than life-changing. You almost have to invent a whole new life. I think I could handle a couple million much better. That would give me enough money to do some good and leave some for me to indulge myself.

LOVE the library idea, BTW. Plus, I'd have one heck of an office.