Monday, July 16, 2012


One thing that's been interesting to me as a writer is learning how much readers equate authors with their primary character.  People have called me "Tara" on more than one occasion, and my sister told me that she has trouble reading the sex scenes in my books because she can't help but picture me and my husband.  Yikes!

Am I like IRS Special Agent Tara Holloway?  In some ways, yes.  We both tend to be a bit of a smart ass, and we're both the youngest child in our families.  We both use humor as a coping mechanism.  We both wear a 32A bra.  But that's where our similarities end.  Tara is a well-trained sharpshooter while I've only shot guns on one occasion (though I did have remarkable accuracy).  Tara grew up in a small town while I was raised in the suburbs.  And Tara is far braver than I could ever hope to be.

I admit that one thing I find difficult in being an author is the promotion aspect.  I realize authors have to promote their own work, but it feels a bit narcissistic to constantly be talking about myself and my books.  Frankly, I'm not all that interesting!  My writing is the most exciting thing I do.  It's my escape from my otherwise humdrum life.  I have tons of fun living vicariously through Tara.

I read an interesting article in the Delta Airlines magazine recently.  It was about advertising and it mentioned that the character Flo from the Progressive Insurance commercials has her own Facebook page with tens of thousands of followers.  She's had marriage proposals online.  And she's not even real!

I realized I could do the same with Tara.  Tara's life is far more interesting than mine and I'd be much more comfortable speaking through her.  So I've set up Facebook and Twitter accounts for Tara.  I hope you'll "Friend" Tara on Facebook at  or follow her on Twitter at @SATaraHolloway.  (Hopefully these links will work.  I'm still working out some of the kinks with verifications, etc.)

What do you think about interacting with fictional characters on Twitter and Facebook?  Fun?  Ridiculous?  

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Brandy said...
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Brandy said...

I think this is a very interesting concept.

Diane Kelly said...

Thanks for the feedback, Brandy!

Christie Craig said...


I think the characters become real to us. And therefore they become real to our readers. I think it's a great idea.