Monday, July 02, 2012


A few years ago, there was a popular self-help book called “The Secret” that encouraged people to think positively and visualize themselves achieving their goals and dreams.  Though I thought it was a great concept, I was afraid to visualize myself achieving my dream of becoming a novelist because I feared that even an imaginary sense of success would make the reality of trying to break into publishing all the more frustrating.

Once I signed my first contract with St. Martin’s Press, though, I visited a bookstore and wandered into the mystery section to see where my books would be placed on the shelf once they were published.  This might sound silly, but even with signed contracts in place I could hardly believe my dream was actually coming true! 

I ran my eyes over the authors whose last names ended with I and J, finally coming to the K section.  Scanning the shelves, I finally found it.  The place where my books would be.  Right next to bestselling author Jonathan Kellerman. 

Woo hoo!  That's some primo real estate!

It was thrilling to think I’d be rubbing elbows with such a well-known author.  Well, maybe not rubbing elbows exactly, but my covers would be rubbing up against his covers.  Maybe my novels and his novels would fall in love and create some children’s books together.  I can only imagine the titles – Death, Taxes, and Deception in Friendly Frog’s Tadpole PondDeath, Taxes, and Compulsion as Koala Goes to Kindergarten.  Death, Taxes, Rage, and the Fuzzy Wuzzy Caterpillar.

I was recently in contact with my fellow St. Martin’s author, Gina Robinson, and she happened to mention that her books are shelved next to Nora Roberts’ books.  My mother had a saying – “You’re only as good as the company you keep.”  Well, if that’s the case, my books and Gina’s are in some pretty good company!   

Do you have a goal or dream that you’ve visualized yourself achieving?  Did the positive thinking help you feel more confident?  What do you think of these techniques – are they mere bunk or are they helpful? 

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Brandy said...

I think I've been afraid to reach for success in anything because I am afraid to fail. I'm still working on that thing called confidence.
I think Kellerman is lucky to have you as a shelf neighbor.