Monday, September 01, 2008

Happy Labor Day

Almost forgot to post today. Those Monday holidays are very confusing, not that I'm complaining. :)

So I hope everyone is having some good fun today! I slept in, had donuts, and then started working on my book. I know, I's Labor Day and that means we're supposed to take a day off work, but hey, I'm taking a day off my day job, right?

So for those of you who don't know, my next book releases 2/09 and is entitled TROUBLE IN MUDBUG. It's the first book in the GHOST-IN-LAW mystery/romance series. Each book will feature a new hero/heroine and their own love story, but a secondary character's murder will be solved over the series. And the secondary character - what a doozy. You see, my first book opens with the heroine being haunted by her dead mother-in-law. And her MIL wasn't exactly a nice person when she was alive, but she lends a whole new prespective to death.

I have two cp's and best friends in Texas, and unfortunately, one of them is moving back to her home state. So this coming weekend, we're having girl's weekend as our sort of last hurrah. Guess what we're doing?

We're going ghost hunting!

Yep, that's right. On Friday, we're headed to Jefferson, Texas, the most haunted town in Texas and staying at the historic Jefferson Hotel. So hopefully, next Monday, I'll be able to tell you about our haunted adventures.

Of course, the only problem with that theory is that I sleep like the dead, so unless one of my girlfriends wakes me up, the ghosts could have a circus in my room and I still wouldn't notice. But hey, it's a good time - haunted hotel, historic town, and a general store with a real old fashioned soda fountain. I can hardly wait!

In parting, I'd like to show you the fabulous cover for TROUBLE. I absolutely LOVE the Dorchester artists! And check back on Monday for a ghostly update. Everyone have a great holiday!

Deadly DeLeon


Anonymous said...

Jana, that cover is adorable!!!

And your ghost hunting weekend sounds fun!!! One of my favorite TV shows is Ghost Hunters on the Sci Fi Channel. :)

Keri Ford said...

Enjoy the hunting. *shiver* not for me!

Love the new cover and the premise sounds great!

Are you all staying dry? I know Christie's got the rain coming, but I'm not sure where the rest of you are at. I'm going to catch the very outer rim of it.

Estella said...

Love the purple truck on your cover!
Have a great time on your ghost humt.

Jana DeLeon said...

Thanks, Tori!!!! I always get great covers! I am soooooo bad about watching anything on a regular basis, but I have caught the Ghost Hunters and I liked it too. I just hope we have some sort of scary experience. :)

Jana DeLeon said...

Hi Keri - I'm up in Dallas, so I probably won't see as much as Christie, but they were saying we could get up to 24 inches. I guess we'll see.

Glad you like the cover!

Jana DeLeon said...

Thanks, estella! I love the cover too. It totally fits the style and voice of my writing. :)

Jenyfer Matthews said...

That is a *great* cover! Happy hunting!

Gemma Halliday said...

GREAT cover, Jana! I love it!!


Terri Osburn said...

I'm late but I LOVE the new cover. That's adorable. I'd buy that even if I didn't hang out here. LOL!

Tracy Madison said...

Your book sounds amazing! I love the idea of a ghost mother-in-law, lol. I can't wait to read it. Your cover is so awesome. I agree with you, Dorchester artists are the best. Have a GREAT time ghost hunting. Can't wait to hear all about it.

Anonymous said...


That is a gorgeous cover! Can't wait to read the book.

And to hear about your ghost hunting adventures!