Friday, August 10, 2007

Kiss Me, Kill You...

I love the alliteration in Bullet Hole's post. Leslie Langtry (aka The Assassin) here and along with my fellow co-conspirators; Kathy, Gemma, Bethany, Jana & Christie - WELCOME! We're all very excited to have your attention! Please peruse the posts periodically! (I'm an alliteration junkie. I know...tres exciting.)

As for me - my career paths haven't been as wonderfully wacky as Gemma's or decidedly dangerous as Kathy's. I was a literary arts administrator (did you know there's actually a master's degree in that?) before I finally decided to pursue my age-old dream of selling a book for publication.

Like Bacus, I'm from a small town in Iowa originally and now live in the Quad Cities area. I write full-time; spend time with my husband, 2 kids and 4 pets; lead a Girl Scout troop where I'm creating future pyromaniacs (seriously, those girls love starting fires) and still manage to meet my friends for drinks now and then. I'm also certified internationally to teach Level One Archery, knit like a junkie mainlining expensive yarn, try to make it to the indoor pistol range once a week for some relaxing target shooting, own many fabulous shoes and handbags, and watch waaaaaaay too much tv.

And most importantly - I've read these women's books (they're all excellent) and am honored to be part of this group!

I hope you enjoy reading us!

Leslie "The Assassin" Langtry


Caffey said...

Hi Lelsie, Kathy, Gemma, Bethany, Jana & Christie!!! I'm having fun reading up to catch up with all the intros! I did introduce myself earlier but too wanted to mention I'm just a reader, not a writer (I want to read them all!)

Carol M said...

I want to read them all, too! lol They sound great!

Anonymous said...

Good words.