Monday, April 02, 2012

Spring Has Sprung

I know it's barely April, but spring came early in Texas. I've been working on the landscaping for three weeks now and can I just say - I hate fire ants and weeds, and I am really, really old. Maybe not chronologically, but my knees and back and willing to argue over that point. I wish I could say I'm done, but I'm not even close. Everything is a hassle.

I have two giant beds in the front lawn under trees. One is under an oak, so only shaded stuff works. The other is under a crape myrtle, so only full sun stuff works as it's facing west. Both were completely empty. So I went to the nursery to pick out shrubs and plants, then came back home and researched, then the nursery, then the Internet, then more Internet, then the nursery. You get the idea. It's heck when you don't know you're plants.

So finally, I picked out some shrubs. So I go to dig holes and run into roots, and roots, and roots, which means I had to keep picking a different spot for the shrubs and then rearranging to suit the new spots. Which means I had to pick different stuff to go around the shrubs. Anyway, it's exhausting. I've spent 100 times as much time researching and driving back and forth to the nursery as I have digging holes. But I finally got some hydrangeas, knock-out roses, (some bush I can't remember), and iris planted. I still have to add annuals. More research. More driving. More standing in the nursery looking confused.

As soon as I get done and things are blooming, I'll take some pictures.

In other news, Kimi (the new puppy) graduated from puppy school. Here's a pic. If this doesn't make you smile on a Monday morning, then there's no helping you.

Isn't it hilarious how she just sits there wearing the hat?

Anyway, Kimi is doing fabulous and because I've been walking her so much, I'm even losing weight. We have a 150-acre park right across the street from our house and it's got great cement paths and trails through the woods. I took this pic the other day with my phone. I know it's likely all undesirable trees and weeds, but the canopy of green was so pretty.

So what are you up to this spring? Any planting?

Deadly DeLeon


Leslie Langtry said...

How on EARTH did you get Kimi to keep that hat on? And I want to live in the park across the street. How gorgeous is that???

Jana DeLeon said...

Rene did it. But all of our animals will wear stuff. They're silly. :)

PATRICIA said...

Jana, is Kimi and Australian Cattle Dog? She looks great in that hat!

Heather said...

Spring arrived early in Wisconsin, too. Heck--we seem to have skipped spring adn gone right to summer. Everything is in bloom 4-6 weeks early, including spring bulbs and fruit trees. The red crabapple outside my front window is glorious! I've been taking advantage of as many warm days as I can to get out for long walks, including a couple outings to the nearby Arboretum.

Terri Osburn said...

She's so cute!

I have a flower bed below my kitchen window which gets almost all shade all the time. There are three spider plant looking things in there now (were there when I bought the place) but what did you find that would grow in shade? Afraid I am completely ignorant of everything plant. (I don't even eat veggies!)

Brandy said...

I have bush beds and a river burch tree and a crab apple tree in our front yard. Our dogwood we planted last year doesn't seem to have made it this year, darnit.
I've spent hour upon hour weeding lately, so I understand your pain. *g*

Kimi looks so cute! Congratulations on her graduating obedience school!

Jana DeLeon said...

Patricia - yes, she's an ACD. About five weeks old in that pic. And a complete bundle of energy and attitude. :)

Jana DeLeon said...

Heather - the early spring is kinda nice, but it sure does have me worrying about what summer will bring. ugh

Jana DeLeon said...

Teri - impatiens grow in shade and come in a ton of varieties of leaf and flower color. I was so happy to finally HAVE shade at this house so that I could plant some!

Jana DeLeon said...

Teri - impatiens grow in shade and come in a ton of varieties of leaf and flower color. I was so happy to finally HAVE shade at this house so that I could plant some!

Jana DeLeon said...

Brandy - oh, the weeding is horrible. The fire ants are out, so you don't want to kneel and all that bending and stooping is killer!