Wednesday, April 04, 2012


I was watching my kids' swim lessons the other night and getting a few funny looks. And, well, I'd expected it. You see, I've been researching a bit for the next Accidental Demon Slayer book. Namely, wicca spells. So there I was, reading a spell book while the kids learn to back stroke. I admit, it was fun.

And spell books are really interesting. For example, did you know that if you have a pet dog or cat that likes to get out of the house and wander around, you can solve your problem by rubbing its paws with butter and chanting Roam no more. Funny they don't say anything about what happens when your little four-legged friend tracks those buttery paws back into the house.

Oh and here's a spell I might have to try: Running on Empty (for when the car is almost out of gas). For some reason, I always seem to wait until my car is on fumes before filling up. It was a habit that started in college and, well, has never ended. Back to the spell:

A piece of coal
3 small flat stones
A marker
A picture of a camel (I swear I'm not making this up)
A red velvet pouch

Draw the Raido, Eihwaz, and Pertho runes on the stones. Then hold them in your left hand along with the coal and concentrate on the image of a full tank of gas. Wrap the stones inside the picture of the camel, then seal everything in the red pouch and say three times:

My car knows how to make itself go
There are reserves from which it can pull
It doesn't matter what the meter reads
My gas tank is always full

Frankly, I worry that the bag and the camel and the coal will be a lot harder to hunt down than a Mobile on the Run station, but who knows? I may just have to try it and report back to you all. ...Or perhaps you'd be kind enough to wave as you pass me on the side of the road?


Stephanie said...

Interesting!! :) I wrote a book about a wiccan and read all kinds of fascinating stuff!

Kima said...

If that gas thing works, let me know. I really hate paying $4+ a gallon! Rocks are cheap!

Brandy said...

Tell you what, I'll hold out hope it works for you, but am willing to wave if I see you. *g*