Monday, April 16, 2012

Snakes in the Pool

You know it's really spring when....yep, you find snakes in your pool. Okay, can I just go ahead and say ICK and get it out of the way? I'm not a girly girl, of the strictest definition. In fact, I'm a tomboy, but I don't like snakes. I especially don't like snakes in the pool, which is my version of a man-cave.

It started on Saturday when the pool guy removed one from the main drain filter. Dead, of course, but stinky. Then as my husband and I were working on the pool cleaner, I saw one riding around the pool on my thermometer. Granted, it was a baby, but even a baby water moccasin is not something you want in your pool. Ever.

So it had to go.

Of course, the snake war reminded me of the first time we found a snake in the pool - right after we'd moved in.

My husband was outside working on the pool cleaner and he came back inside announcing there was a snake in the pool. I went out to see and sure enough, there was a snake. Then I went to go back inside so I could go to the garage and that's when we realized that the faulty back door lock had flipped shut and we were locked outside...with the snake. The back gate was padlocked.

As if things couldn't get any worse, then it started to rain. Not just a sprinkle. No, it was the unholy unleashing of the heavens. So my husband, me and all three dogs are huddled under the tiny overhang next to the back door and the dogs are looking at us like "Why don't we go inside?"

So finally, our neighbor across the alley comes home and we yell at her to call a locksmith. She gets a locksmith to our house, who very frighteningly opens our front door in a matter of seconds and then lets us back in.

I love spring. I love the heating up and the flowers blooming (even though my allergies hate it, but I can do without the snakes. There's a 150-acre park across the street. If they'd just stay over there, I'd be happy to put my shovel away.

Deadly DeLeon


catslady said...

My husband would have to move lol. I'm not thrilled with them but he has a real aversion to them. The locksmith reminds me of the time my toddler locked me out of the house and of course she didn't know how to unlock it again and I got in our back window in no time at all. Scared me to death that it was that easy. We immediately added thick wooden dowels to prevent it.

Robin Kaye said...

I've never had a problem with snakes, a friend of mine had a garter snake as a pet and I thought it was so cool. I brought one home, and found out it was even cooler because my mean, nasty stepfather (who I really hated) was afraid of them. Every time my stepmonster did something torturous to me (which was pretty often) I'd leave slinky on his humidor/lamp table. I'd turn on the light and slinky would curl around his humidor and pipes and bask in the heat until I heard Jerry screaming.

Jana DeLeon said...

catslady - it does give one pause when you realize how easy it is to gain access into a locked house, right? Glad you were able to get back in so easily, and that your toddler hadn't torn the house down in the meantime. :)

Jana DeLeon said...

LOL Robin! What a great story and a fabulous way to get someone back for being a crappy person.

I'm not scared of snakes, per se, but I just don't want them around. I've held pet snakes wrapped around my arm. But there's still something sorta creepy about them.

Barbara E. said...

I've fished snakes out of my pool too, usually alive, as well as frogs and lizards, which are usually dead. Luckily, they're usually little ones - one was trying to swim holding his head out of the water, I felt sorry for him and fished him out with the pool net. I have no idea what kind of snakes they are, but I usually just throw them out in the yard (I have a screened enclosure) and they go on their way.

Jana DeLeon said...

Barbara - I'm afraid they'll come back in. And I have the poisonous kind and a new puppy. Not a good combination. :)

Anonymous said...

This is why I say I never go in the water in Louisiana unless it is my own bathtub.