Friday, July 29, 2011

My no-good-very-bad-can't-end-soon-enough week

Ever had one of those weeks where you wish you could just stay in bed, and you cannot wait for Friday? Welcome to my week. The good news? It's Friday! The bad news? We're out of tequila. Must remedy that quickly. Why, you might ask? Here are the highlights:

1) My fabulous editor at St. Martin's press left me. She's off to a new job that sounds lovely, which I can't blame her for. And she's left me in what I gather are the very capable hands of another editor. But… I'm still bummed. My editor was such a champion of my new, soon-to-be-launched series, and it feels very scary and lonely to lose that wonderful of a cheerleader prior to release day.

2) The house hunt has gone from depressing and desperate to downright laughably ridiculous lately. I actually stood in a line of twenty people, lined up outside an open house this week, being herded in one at a time like cattle only to be interrogated about my job history of the last five years. And the place was barely bigger than a shoebox! We saw one house that we actually liked this week and could *almost* afford if we give up non-essentials like eating three times a day (who needs breakfast, anyway?). But as soon as we expressed interest, so did four other couples, and the landlord raised the rent by $200 a month and told us she required a $6000 security deposit plus four moths rent up front. Seriously? For a rental? That's bigger than most people's down payment!

3) The Big Boy has summer camp this week from noon to 6pm. I only have the babysitter for Baby Boy from 10 am to 1pm. So, there is only a one hour overlap from noon to 1pm where I am child-free to write everyday. One. Freaking. Hour. It's driving me insane. My muse is so jacked up on caffeine she can't think straight. Deadlines should not exist during summer break.

4) The people in the apartment next door to us just had a new baby. Which is a wonderful, amazing, joyous occasion… as long as it's not 2AM. All night long I listened to the little darling cry her itty-bitty lungs out through our thin walls. And this morning our coffee pot broke. Talk about timing, huh?

So… how was your week? Anyone else need a margarita? (Off to Starbucks, then the grocery store to remedy our tequila-less situation.  Hey, I'm pretty sure it's 5 o'clock in Paris already. ;) )

~Trigger Happy Halliday


krisgils33 said...

oh man, sorry for your tough week. my week has been pretty good, although getting up at 345 am yesterday to catch a flight home and then taking my daughter and 3 of her friends to the pool while having a caffeine deficiency headache was not the brightest move. i ended up getting a nap in around 530 pm, which kinda helped. my still packed luggage is sitting in the middle of my living room though.

Zita said...

Geez, Gemma! I'd be waiting for the week to be over, too. Mine has been going very well, fortunately. And, I'm off to see Harry tonight, so my week is ending on a particularly happy note. I'm beaming happy thoughts to you so that your weekend and next week goes better. :D

Gemma Halliday said...

Thanks ladies!

Kris - Kids without caffeine is alway hard, isn't it? At least you got the nap!

Zita - Enjoy Harry! I have tickets for that one, but haven't been to see it yet. Hmm... maybe that would be a good start to next week.


Diane Kelly said...

The one thing I don't miss about living in California is the housing!!! We lucked out and got a decent house in San Jose, but my husband had to give the property manager a sob story about how he only had 4 days to find a place and had 2 young children who needed a roof over their heads. Good thing they looked adorable in the picture he whipped out! At least things can only get better, right? And I've seen soundproof wall panels at Home Depot, by the way. : )

bibliojunkies said...

Wow, that sounds like a seriously crappy week. I'm sorry. I can't wait to check out the new series though!