Tuesday, December 04, 2012

Remember When . . .

Remember when . . . Looking back at my backlist

Merry Christmas/Happy Hanukkah/Seasons greetings!  Today, I’m giving away presents/prizes galore.  What am I giving away?  A chance to win one of four $25 gift cards to either Amazon or B&N!  Buy yourself a gift or use it to give something to someone else.   Now this contest is for my loyal fans.  And how am I going to know if you are a loyal fans, you ask?  Well, here’s how . . .

Below are nine scenes that took place in one of my books.  All you have to do is email me the name of the character and the title of the book for each scene.  Everyone who does will be entered to win the $25 gift cards.  If you don’t know all of them, no worries, send me the ones you do.  I’m not grading you, I’m simply rewarding my readers with a chance to win.  This contest will last for one full week and I will announce the winners on next week’s Christie Craig blog: http://christie-craig.com/blog/ .  Make sure you check back to see if you've won because winners will only have three days to claim their prizes.

Ready?  Here we go . . . 

1.  Remember when one of my secondary characters was in car wreck, fell out of the wrecked car into a thorn bush, rolled over into a bed of fire ants, and got skunked?

2.  Remember when my hero ate a cat-food sandwich?

3.  Remember when my heroine had a head-on collision with a casket?

4.  Remember when my heroine was caught jumping up and down on the hero’s bed naked by the hero and
his two best friends?

5.  Remember when my heroine found a dead man in a porta-potty wearing a hat that read:  Shit happens and then you die?

6.  Remember when my heroine, a nervous puker, found her dead wedding planner then got locked in a room with a PI, who just happened to be a sympathetic puker?

7.  Remember when my heroine threatened to shoot someone with a tampon?

8.  Remember when my heroine found her low-life ex-husband, who she’d just threatened to kill, in the trunk of her car?

9.  Remember when my heroine was being haunted by her dead, chain-smoking mother?

Okay…remember to email the name the character and the title of the book of each scene to christie (at) christie-craig (dot) com.  Good luck and Happy Holidays to all of my fans who have helped me reach my dream of having a successful writing career!

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