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Bosom Bodies with Maria Grazia Swan

Special today only, my good griend Maria Grazia Swan's new book, Bosom Bodies, is FREE on Amazon!  Download your copy here today!  Take it away, Maria...

Thanks to our wonderful and generous Gemma, once again I am sharing my stories and my thoughts with you, kind readers.

I usually write stories about growing up in Italy, and tales my grandfather told me. This time is a little different. You are probably rolling your eyes; here comes a pitch for a new release. Yes and no. Yes, it’s a new release, no, nothing to purchase, it’s free. Yep, today Bosom Bodies is free on Kindle. It’s the sequel to Love Thy Sister and in a way it is more about growing up in Italy, in the house my grandfather built.

Really, true, not making this up. I lived in that house until the day I got married. Also, today is the first day of December; 24 days until Christmas. While writing this introduction I realized that Bosom Bodies takes place the 2 weeks before Christmas. Hope that gets you in a festive mood.

Believe it or not, I feel guilty about pitching my book instead of telling a story, then again, if I don’t sell or give away books, soon no one will remember my name, I won’t have a spot for my blogs and no more sharing stories. So do me a favor, read the brief passage below, and if you like it, get yourself a free download. See you back here on December 14th to tell you the story of my last Christmas in Italy.

From Bosom Bodies…

“You show me your things, and I show you mine.”

Mina felt blood rush to her cheeks. He couldn’t miss her raging blush.

“Girl, what are you thinking? I meant for you to show me what you protect so fiercely in that gym bag and I’ll let you see into the room.”

She blushed even more, feeling like a total dummy. She clasped the bag tighter. His back to the kitchen Diego watched her, looking straight into her eyes. Because she was sitting, he towered over her. On purpose. The soft, pinkish glow came from some silky sconces artfully placed throughout the whole place. Hardly something this bedeviled man would pick.

Oh, my god, she was reviewing the décor while she didn’t know if she would be around to see daybreak.

Her sense of drama kicked in, she slid from the couch to the plush carpet, unzipped the gym bag and spilled all the contents onto the rug. She looked up and caught the shadow of a smile on that face of his. He knelt down, the coffee table all that separated them. With one swift pull, he slid the table to the side, then sat crossed legged across from her, his boots next to her belongings, the mystifying smile still on his lips. “Let’s see what we have here.” While talking, he moved his open palms around, pressing on her soft pile of clothes, his eyes still locked on hers. He didn’t look away; neither did she.

Diego lifted the crumpled paper bag with the remains of the cross-eyed angel. He opened the bag with both hands, and a look of puzzlement wiped away his grin.

“What is—what was it?” He lined up the pieces on the carpet next to her feet.

“My Christmas angel. I was going to put it on the tree. It broke when you pushed me against the wall.” Twelve hours of frustration and ache flavored her words with bitterness.

“Mina, I am very sorry.” Without getting up, he scooted next to her. They sat, backs against the cushy couch, shoulders whispers apart. Diego picked up the broken parts one by one, gently repositioning them to try to make it whole.

* * * * * * * * * * * *

Ciao for now, see you here again on the 14th. Happy reading.
Bosom Bodies
Italian-born Mina Calvi has a way of finding trouble, but when she offers to help a friend by moonlighting at Bosom Bodies restaurant, it’s trouble that finds her. The body of the restaurant manager is discovered on the beach, a hit and run victim, and Mina’s VW Bug is impounded as the vehicle used in the crime. Stunned beyond belief, Mina is suddenly up to her ears in assault, betrayal, smuggling and murder. Now the police are watching her. The mob is targeting her. And who comes riding to her rescue on a metal steed—none other than the cook at Bosom Bodies, the mysterious Diego. Is he more than a bad cook and a good lover? Is he protecting her, or setting her up? Scared, clueless and on her own, Mina struggles to reclaim her life and stay two steps ahead of the those stalking her, but it’s a treacherous path and she’s losing ground fast.

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