Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Spooky and sparkly

Happy Halloween! This past week, our house has been  a costumer's dream (or nightmare, depending on how organized you like things). Right now, we have a red sparkly devil's fork drying on newspaper by the kitchen sink (who says devil girls can't sparkle?). We have a pair of red glitter shoes hiding in my office (otherwise, they wouldn't make it until the big day). Oh and three shrunken heads over by the apple bowl. Those are for my son, the voodoo ninja.

I blame my father. He was an artist and loved Halloween. Store bought costumes had no place in his house. Instead, we'd decide what we wanted to be, and then we'd make it. My brother and his friends went as a rock band one year - complete with custom-made instruments created from basement odds-and-ends. I was a robot, a wizard and then a "mom" about three times in a row when I realized that dressing my dog as my "baby" and taking him around was worth double the candy.

The best costume had to be the year my mom joked and said she wanted to go out for Halloween in a canoe. My dad built a canoe for two, with built-in beer holders. How's that for romance?

So now we're carrying on the tradition in our house. My normally GQ husband is going as KISS rocker Gene Simmons, and I'll be a biker witch, complete with a biker dog (our poodle, Moxie).

Oh and the winner of my last giveaway, a copy of My Zombie Valentine, is Reneec23! Drop me a line at angie@ angie and I'll mail that book out to you!


Robin Kaye said...

I've never been a huge halloween fan but I do enjoy watching everyone else. I have some friends who go all out and I'm amazed by the time they spend making their costumes. Enjoy!

catslady said...

They postponed our Halloween until Saturday. As a kid my parents weren't really into it so we were on our own to make our costumes (we never got store bought except for the plain lone ranger type mask lol). I was usually a bum (easy lol) or a fairy godmother (my favorite using a bridesmaid dress of my mom's and homemade accessories). I would say it was a bit of both for my kids. I never got them any of those plastic outfits - thought they were horrible lol. I think it's a great creative outlet.