Thursday, October 28, 2010

Nothing Sexier Than A Man Who Lets You Sleep

So it seems I have a sinus infection. Not fun.  One of the more telling signs was/is complete and total fatigue. On Tuesday I was so exhausted I literally needed to pull over and take a nap in my car.

And that's when I was swept off my feet.

See, a guy who I have recently started dating happened to call while I was parked in some random Starbucks parking lot slumped over my steering wheel with my eyes closed while all the caffeinated pedestrians around me were undoubtedly wondering if I was homeless and/or drunk.  At that time I didn't know what the problem was, only that I wasn't feeling well and I couldn't stay awake.  I was actually a bit teary while talking to him. "I know we're in the stage of our relationship where I should be trying to make a good impression," I whimpered, "and I know what I'm about to say isn't going to do it, but I feel like crap! I'm sleeping in my car, I feel like I want to throw up and my nose is clogged!"

So not sexy.

But you know what he did? He asked me a few questions about my location and after realizing that I wasn't far from his place he temporarily left work and asked me to meet him there.  When I got there he tucked me into bed, told me to sleep as long as I liked and to make myself at home and then he went off in order to get to his next meeting.

Yes, really.

Now the guy I dated before him flew me to Vegas, took me to his favorite (and very expensive) restaurants and Vegas shows and even handed over some of his winnings so I could buy myself an expensive shoes.

And none of that impressed me as much as this new guy's offer to set me up for my mid-afternoon nap.  Offering material pleasures is easy for those who have means. But THIS guy actually went out of his way for me when there was absolutely nothing in it for him (other than possible exposure to some horrible disease).  He has no idea how many brownie points he's earned.

I liked him before but now I am officially smitten.

--Kyra the-sleepy-Fashionista-Fatale Davis


Refhater said...

Does he have a brother? I seriously need a guy like that.

Hope you feel better soon!

Jenyfer Matthews said...

That really was a sweet thing to do. Sounds like a keeper :)

Leslie Langtry said...

Keep him!

Dru said...

It's always the little, nice and simple things that make a difference.

I hope you're feeling better.

Robin Kaye said...

Awww that's sooo sweet! Definitely sounds like a keeper, if he makes you chicken soup and vacuums, take the advice my mother gave me almost 22 years ago. "Marry him."

Diane Kelly said...

Wow! What a great guy! Of course, being a man, he probably went back to work and bragged about the hot chick waiting for him in his bed. But, still, win-win, huh? : )

krisgils33 said...

wow, what a sweet gesture!!! hope you feel better soon (so you can "properly" thank him!!)

Hellie Sinclair said...

*I'm* smitten. DAMN. Go you!! I hope you get to feeling better soon so he can cash in his brownie points.

Wendy Roberts said...

Sinus infections are horrible so HUGS for that! Great that you've got a sweetie to take care of you :)

Christie Craig said...

You might have a winner on your hands, Kyra!!

Love it.

Tori Lennox said...

I'm battling a sinus infection myself so you have my sincere sympathy.

Now if this guy doesn't happen to have any brothers, can we possibly clone him?

kyradavis said...

Sadly, his brother is already taken. But yes, I was seriously impressed and it's not easy to impress a half-conscious woman on the verge of throwing up. That takes talent : )

And thank you all for the well wishes. I can feel the antibiotics already beginning to do their thing : )

@Tori: Feel better! And take an extra nap for me : )