Monday, May 04, 2009

Reality Check

I have to admit, I love reality shows. Not all of them, of course. Heck, if I watched them all I wouldn't have time to produce a pair of clean underwear, much less work a full-time job, write books, and keep a Sheltie entertained. But there are several that I really like.

It's all American Idol's fault, as that's where it started. Now, I didn't watch the first season. It just didn't call my attention until I saw clips of Simon letting the contestants have it. Then I thought "THIS could be interesting." And interesting it is. Sometimes people at work talk about AI and some can't stand Simon. They think he is "mean." I just look at them and say "If those kids can't take what Simon is telling them, then they have NO business pursuing any artistic career." Do people really think that all agents, editors, song producers, movie producers, art gallery owners, etc. are kind (mostly do to the drugs) like Paula Abdul? Now, don't get me wrong, there are a lot of very nice people in those industries, I'm sure. But there are also a lot of very busy people who don't want to waste your time and don't want you to waste theirs. Nothing wrong with that. The last thing I think professionals ought to do is encourage someone who is nowhere near ready for public consumption. Does that mean people will quit - some will, and probably they needed to. But others will just work harder to get better, and that's what it would have taken anyway.

I love Hell's Kitchen and So You Think You Can Dance, too. And I find those choices very interesting as they all represent something I can't really do. I mean, I can sing in my car with the best of them, but I only do it while I'm alone. I often say I play an instrument because I do NOT sing. I can't carry a tune and know it. As for cooking....yeah. Let me just say that given a detailed recipe, I can prepare food very well. But as for creating in the kitchen, uh, no. Creating a mess, maybe.

And the quote Jeff Foxworthy "I ustacould." Not sure what happened. Weight gain, age, joints that I wore out on motocross. All I know is that I got one of those exercise videos that's Latin Dance to try out. Those women have great abs and legs and they're not rail thin, so I thought THAT'S what I want to look like. I immediately found out why Latin dance looks so different than other dance - it moves your upper and lower body in the exact opposite directions of what would otherwise be normal. I have NO idea what I was doing to that video, but I'm certain of two things: it wasn't dancing, and I scared the dog. If anyone had a video of that scene, they could extort money from me until the Alzheimer's kicked in.

So what about you? Any favorites in the reality show realm? Everyone has to have a few, right?

Deadly DeLeon


Keri Ford said...

Hey, Jana. Used to watch AI, but haven't lately. It's just a lot of the same old stuff. Agree with you on Simon character.

We also used to watch Hell's Kitchen, but it comes on at the same time as Bones now. HK isn't something we'll watch after recording it.

We've been catching bits and peices of Dancing with the Stars, but with it on Mondays--same as House and Castle, not much watching there.

We do watch Biggest Loser, but that I like to watch recorded. They recap like crazy after every commercial break, squeezing an hour show into an hour and a half slot. Comes on same night as Dancing Results, so we miss that.

Terri Osburn said...

Keri - Don't you hate when the stuff you want to watch is on at the same time? Thank heaven for the DVR!

I managed to avoid things like AI and Survivor for years then got involved in both the one season ago. Avoided the new Survivor season, but addicted to AI. And I do think this is probably the most talent they've had at this point, though none of them are Carrie Underwood or Kelly Clarkson level.

For some reason, I'll watch most any reality show on Bravo that is a competition. No Housewives for me. But who can cut the best hair? I'm there.

Love Dancing with the Stars too, but So You Think You Can Dance is really the better show. Starts again May 21. Whoot!

And thank you for saying that about cooking. I'm terrible in the kitchen so it's nice to know I'm not alone. :)

Tori Lennox said...

I dislike most reality shows. But I never used to miss Survivor. Then I got behind this season. And realized I didn't miss a bit, so I just quit watching. Love Dancing With the Stars, though!

I don't know if they qualify as "reality shows" or not but I watch a lot of stuff on Discovery, History and Science these days.

Christie Craig said...


I think we should make our own reality show. The life of romance authors.


Gemma Halliday said...

Project Runway and Amazing Race top my list.

And, will admit to having seen *a few* episodes of Rock of Love. (Okay, fine. All of them. Twice.)


M. K. Clarke said...

Loved VH1's "Celeb Fit Club" when they carried that, "Flavor of Love," too. I'm into CMT's reality shows, now: "Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders", "Trading Spouses" and "Nanny 911." ABC's "Supernnany" Redneck anything *smiles* and "World's Strictest Parents" (which they're not, b/c the kids still have Internet access, cell phones and only hang for a week).

Not to be rude, but I'd LOVE to see a reality show of the nanny ones (especially those) visiting a NYC or Chicago housing project with nasty kids. I want to see a Spanish or Asian broad on the DCC roster. I want to see the teens handle Amish life for, oh, three months. And, I want to see rednecks with a decent set of dental work for a change!

catslady said...

I've watched Survivor from the beginning (boo Coach), then I got hooked on Idol (go Adam) and Dancing (swoon Gilles) lol.

Jana DeLeon said...

Keri - You need a dual dvr so you can record multiple shows at the same time but watch them on any tv. I love House too!

Jana DeLeon said...

terrio - you're definitely not alone in the no-kitchen having talent. For the record, I don't sew either. Not even buttons. I got one of those cool machines that puts those plastic fasteners through them. :)

Jana DeLeon said...

tori - you know, I never got into Survivor. I think it's because it seems too much like politics to me. Now if you threw them all the desert and the last one alive was the winner, THAT would be survivor. But I'm guessing there would be a lawsuit involved. And probably no one would want to be on next season.....

Jana DeLeon said...

lol christie - I'm afraid people might be disappointed to see just how much of our jobs are actually very painstaking detailed work. No bon bons, no cabana boy. (sigh)

Jana DeLeon said...

gemma - I've never seen Rock of Love. Will have to look that up.

Jana DeLeon said...

M.K. - I watch some of those as well. Those nanny shows kill me though. I usually want to slap the parents, then the kids. I simply don't understand how adults allow things to get that out of control. Trading Spouses is also good but I saw a rerun last week that made me actually want to email the woman and tell her how worthless she was. And tell her husband to find his equipment.

Love the idea about a redneck dental work show - do they have to be sober, too?

Jana DeLeon said...

catslady - yes, Adam is very talented, isn't he? I just wonder if he's too artsy to translate to votes for a lot of the audience. No matter, really. He's already got a contract coming, I'm sure.

Christie Craig said...

Oh Jana,

You didn't get your bon-bon today? Well, heck, my cabana boy just left. LOL.