Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Now Is The Winter Of Our !@#$#*!!! Discontent...

I'm sooo sick of advisories; snow advisories, wind advisories; flood advisories, low temp advisories, Godzilla attack advisories - and these are just the ones in February and the !@#$%$# month ain't over yet! Damn Groundhog.

My husband, in an attempt to distract me from constantly bitching about the weather, saw fit to get me a new phone. I'd been asking for the new nV for a while now because the man has a thing for sending me long winded text messages from the road on his keyboard outfitted blackberry. Normally on my old phone, it took me half an hour to reply back with a one-word expletive and the demand that he call me instead.

So, I got my phone. It's great having the keyboard - makes texting easier the aforementioned expletive and demand that he call me much easier. The only problem is, when I was going through the phone numbers to delete old ones, I noticed two for people I didn't seem to know.

Which is weird, because I'm so lazy about technology that I usually don't enter a number unless a)it's my mother's or even more importantly - my hairdresser's or b) someone is holding a gun to my head (you know who you are). So why do I have two numbers from people I don't even know?

My first impulse was to ask my husband if he knew who "Brad" and "Janet" (not the real names - I don't want to look like a total ass in case whoever the hell they are read this) are. He had no clue. The numbers didn't even look familiar except for the fact they are local. Okay, so when Bernie and Michelle were over to watch NASCAR on Sunday (as part of their evil plan to hook me on the sport - nice job, by the way) I asked them if I knew who Brad and Janet were. After looking at me funny, they said they didn't know. The next night, I had dinner with Mom and Steve, so I asked them. I mean, come on - Mom oughta know, right?

Turns out, my mother doesn't know me as well as I think she should. I'm devising a quiz to take care of that and if she gets the first one right I won't even hook her up to the rusty car battery for the rest of the questions.

So, I'm stuck with Brad and Janet (dammit) on my cell phone. The last resort would be to call them, but what exactly would I say? "Hello. Who are you and how do I know you?" Doesn't seem like a good idea if it's someone important. I guess I could just leave them in there - but it's driving me mad (mwah hah hah!) that I don't know who it is.

I may need to be institutionalized over this - somewhere in Hawaii or someplace without abominable snowman advisories. I'd bet it's nice and quiet there. Well, except for all the damned text messages my husband would send me.

The Assassin


Anonymous said...

LOL, too funny. I had to type frequent called numbers in tiny font and tape it to the back of my cell phone. I even had to put my cell phone number on the phone. Who calls themselves??

Anonymous said...

Keep your sanity!
I don't want it! :)
Have you tried a reverse phone directory search on the numbers?
Otherwise think melting. Slowly!

Terri Osburn said...

Goodness, you crack me up. LOL! And thanks for the book. Got it yesterday. *g*

You could try typing those numbers into google and see what comes up. You never know, you might realize they are VIPs!

And I hate text messages. It's a phone. Just freaking call me!

Christie Craig said...

Oh, Leslie,

Take heart that I'm almost as bad as you about this sort of thing. I don't carry a cell that often--hey, I'm always at home writing--but about a year ago, I found a couple of telephone numbers scribbled on a piece of scrap paper with the words: call ASAP. No name and written in my handwriting. I have yet to throw that scrap piece of paper away. Hey, maybe I'll suddenly remember, right?


Thanks for the chuckle.

Crime Scene Christie

Jenyfer Matthews said...

Live dangerously - delete them. If they are so important they'll eventually call you!

LOL on the text message thing. I write text messages like they are emails - with full words and punctuation. Though if it gets long enough and there are enough exchanges I will eventually just call!

Leslie Langtry said...

Tina - very, very funny! I did that with my cell number with my first phone because I couldn't remember it.

Christie - I find scraps like that all the time. They go in the everything drawer where they aren't touched again until we move.

Jenyfer, you're making the rest of us who don't use punctuation and use "u" instead of "you" look bad! How cold is it in Cairo again? ;)


Anonymous said...

I was going to suggest googling the numbers, too. You might find something. :)

And you should get one of the Bombays to take a hit out on that groundhog!

Estella said...

I hate text message!!
But I an ready for spring.

Heather said...

LOL @ the mystery phone numbers, and feeling your pain with regards to the weather. After seven feet of snow and endless below freezing temperatures, I'm more than ready for warmer weather!

Lucy said...

I sent my very first text message today. I don't get the appeal of it!

Anyway, recently a person I know (the one I sent the text message to, actually - not that it's important to the story...just saying) was looking at his call log asking whose number was in his cell phone. Thinking it was his incoming log he was wondering who from this number he didn't know was calling him. Then he was listing how many times they'd called, getting a bit annoyed. Then he realized, it was his OUTgoing log. So laughing at him I asked who it was at that number he was calling (repeatedly!).

I'm kind of like you though, figure out who it is before you delete.

Funny post. :-)

catslady said...

I would have to know what those numbers were - even to the point of calling if I had to lol.

Wendy Roberts said...

Okay, now I MUST know who those numbers belong to. Keep us posted!