Monday, February 25, 2008

Gemma’s Oscar wrap up

Show of hands – who watched the Oscars last night? Me, I was glued to the TV from 3pm when Ryan Seacrest was standing in the shrubs beside an empty red carpet to the moment Barbara Walters finished her last post-show celebrity interview. The excitement, the drama, the fashions – I loved it all! My best friend Suze and have compiled a list of a few of the evening’s highlights and lowlights:

The dresses! OMG – they were all fabulous. Color was definitely in this year, did you see all those red dresses? Jewelry tended to be understated, (except Nicole Kidman who looked like she robbed an entire jewelry store before going on stage) but the one-shoulder was the look of the evening. I was not totally crazy about the “butt huge-ing dresses” (as Suze and I dubbed them) that seemed to have an extra layer of fabric right around the derriere. Cameron Diaz – a toothpick skinny gal – was one of the butt huge-ing victims last night. Not uber flattering, girl. But, I absolutely loved Marion Cotillard’s mermaid dress, and Katherine Heigl looked so old Hollywood chic I sighed out loud. One of my favs, Helen Mirren’s gorgeous red gown – glamorous, blingy, but perfectly appropriate and simply elegant.

The worst of the bunch was a tie between Daniel Day Lewis’s wife (Those silly red bow straps and that gawdy jeweled looking thing on the front of her dress. Honey, it’s the Oscars, splurge for a stylist next time!) and Tilda Swinton (a gorgeous woman who showed up in a black shiny potato sack with one arm cut off. As Suze said: Kudos on the Oscar – maybe now you can afford the other sleeve!)

Music cutting into acceptance speeches! Is it just me, or did it seem like they cut the speeches of all ‘non-important’ winners this year? Whatever happened to giving people their 15 minutes of fame? At fifteen seconds the most important moment in their careers was cut short with swelling elevator music. I wouldn’t be surprised if someone puts a hit out on the orchestra. Huge kudos to Jon Stewart for bringing Marketa Irglova (Original Song winner) back out on the stage to give the acceptance the orchestra robbed her of.

That a tattooed former exotic dancer really can win an Oscar. And in leopard print no less! Diablo Cody for best original screenplay with Juno. (Now, tell me that’s not a great stripper name?)

What the heck was on the floor that everyone kept slipping on? Love the way Colin Farrell played it off, but seriously, couldn’t someone have mopped up first?

Best presenter of the evening – Miley Cyrus. There is no way that girl is fifteen. I think she came out of the womb performing. Serious seasoned veteran.

Worst presenters – a tie between Jennifer Hudson (more deer in the headlights than Bambi) and Katherine Heigl (love her as I do, never start out a speech by saying ‘Wow, I’m probably gonna blow this one’).

The flashbacks to previous Oscar years. I loved reliving some of my favorite past Oscar moments and seeing the legendary ones that came before my time. Didn’t Shirley Temple look adorable? I think the Oscar statue was bigger than she was!

No Oscar (again!) for Johnny Depp. And didn’t he look hot sitting there with his little goatee and glasses? Sweeney Todd was one of my favorite movies last year and I was yelling at the screen when he didn’t go home with a shiny gold guy. Is it just me, or does the academy tend to snub all the films that I’ve actually heard of? Suze’s take: An Oscar is a consolation prize for the actors and movies that don’t make any money.

Best couple: Steve Carell and Nancy Wells. Not only did they look spectacular, they have red carpet banter down to a science and actually looked like they were having a great time together.

Worst couple – George Clooney and his Barbie doll. Don’t get me wrong, George is a good looking man at any age. But there’s a point where dating a women that much younger than you just starts to look silly. As Suze so aptly put it, “Wasn’t it nice of him to bring his granddaughter to the Oscars?”

One more note – neither high or low – but I found odd. Not one of the acceptance speeches I heard (granted, I was yelling at the screen during some (poor Johnny!), so I may have missed a few lines) thanked God last night. Not that I’m telling people who to thank, but he’s usually the first one in the speeches, right before Mom and their seventh grade drama teacher. Apparently God has become lass fashionable this year.

Okay, that’s my snarkalicious Oscar wrap. Dish gals, what was your favorite or most screen-yelling moment of the show?

~Trigger Happy Halliday


Estella said...

Did not watch the Oscars.
You stated the reasons in u=your low light spots.

MsHellion said...

I didn't watch. I could probably stop my comment here, but I'm chatty.

But I'm also of the mind that they only give oscars to those movies I didn't watch. (Exceptions: 1995, 1997 & 1998, when Braveheart, Titanic & Shakespeare in Love all won best picture. And in 2002 & 2003, when they gave the Oscar to Chicago & LOTR3.)

I think Johnny gets snubbed all the time! He's too popular. I'd say he needs to pick more 'non-traditional' flicks to play in, but he plays in weird stuff already! They're just jealous he's such a sex symbol. *LOL*

Gemma Halliday said...

I agree! K, I'm sure Daniel Day Lewis is a great actor (not trying to take away from him) but give the hotties a chance, will ya?


Lucy said...

I thought Jon Stewart did a good job last night. He had some really good lines.

We liked a lot of the same things here. And I'm with you...Miley is way older than her 15 years. I watched the interview with her and Barbara Walters (it showed here prior to the awards show) and she really held her own and didn't seem intimidated at all. Seems to be a very good role model. :-)

Tori Lennox said...

Beforehand, I just wasn't in the Oscars mood, so I missed most of it, but I did finally catch bits & pieces of it.

And who dressed Jennifer Hudson? That dress was SOOOO not flattering to her. But Miley Cyrus rocked! She looked great and did a fabulous job at presenting.

Love your highs and lows! They're all spot on! :)

Leah said...

Love the wrap-up, Gemma! Some of the gowns were gorgeous, but it seemed as though nothing stood out as particularly atrocious (with the exception of DD Lewis' wife) or outstanding this year.

I think everything feels so scripted these days that there's not as much spontaneity - like Cuba Gooding Jr.'s speech or Jack Palance doing one-handed pushups.

And it does seem unfair that they cut winners off yet have time for dopey binocular montages.

Ok, rant over. ;-)

Kathy Bacus said...

I normally don't watch, but I happened to be editing hard copy and was sick of being shut off in my office like a hermit so I migrated to the living room and Oscar was on.

First off, I have to admit I flipped channels during the speeches. It's just too agonizing to watch people try and get their thanks in before they get cut off. You know it's coming. They know it's coming. So not entertaining.

This year I think I only saw two of the pictures nominated for best movie so I really didn't have an opinion there. Would have been happy with Johnny Depp or Tommy Lee Jones as best actor because I like everything they do.

And Helen Mirren is the classiest woman to grace the screen or stage.

Thanks for the recap, Gemma! It was fun!

~Bullet Hole~

Gemma Halliday said...

OMG - the binocular thing! What was that about?! Yeah, I would have loved a Cuba moment last night. The whole show felt a little sedate, didn't it?


Gemma Halliday said...

Tori - I agree, Jennifer has looked better. WAY better! I didn't think the dress was totally hideous, but, yeah, on her, not so fab.


catslady said...

I pretty much agree with everything you said. I do think Billy Crystal is so much better than anyone else though. Jon was okay but just not edgy or able to come up with one liners quite as fast. Letting the best song lady give her speech was the only different thing in the whole night. No big highs or lows so kinda boring I'm afraid. Of course I'll be watching again next year lol.

Gemma Halliday said...

Jon was good... but, yeah, I miss Billy Crystal.


Beth said...

Low light-Jennifer Hudson's giant white uni-boob. Come on girl get with Queen Latifa's stylist and make us busty girls look good!
High light-A look back at all the people who died.
I know I'm a sick puppy but that is always my favorite part of any award show. So sad about Heath.
I agree that the music cut in after about a minute. So annoying!

Gemma Halliday said...

OMG - the uniboob! How could I have missed that one!

A look back at all the people who died.
I know I'm a sick puppy but that is always my favorite part of any award show. So sad about Heath.

Me too! I always end up with tears in my eyes. But, I read a blog today about how pissed some people are that they didn't include Brad Renfro in the memorial this year. I had a feeling someone was missing but didn't realize until I read that. Eons ago, when I was an actress, I actually worked with him in Apt Pupil. Very talented. SO should have been included.