Monday, September 10, 2012


It's my pleasure to host author Chanta Rand here at the Killer Fiction Blog today!  We've got a fun interview for you all.

Diane: DELAY OF GAME looks like another great book with a super sexy hero–definitely the Chanta Rand “brand” we all love! Can you tell the Killer Fiction fans a little about it?
Chanta:  You guessed it. There is definitely a sexy hero involved–and a heroine who’s tough enough to put him in his place. Delay of Game is the sequel to my best-selling book, The Highest Bidder. It’s the story of Tyrek Powers, a quarterback who plays for the California Predators. This notorious party boy has champagne tastes and the budget to match. When a dead woman is found in his tub after one of his famous Predator Parties, he becomes the prime suspect. Sidelined until the case is resolved, Tyrek is determined to clear his name, even if it means joining forces with Persia Banks, the tough detective who’s working the case–as well as his nerves.
Persia Banks is a wise-ass, beer-drinking, gun-toting detective. She gets her kicks by putting bad guys behind bars for good. When she’s not visiting her shrink for her anger management issues, she’s using her photographic memory to solve crimes. Convinced of Tyrek’s guilt, she resents his constant meddling in the case. But as the weeks drag on with no leads in sight, Persia reluctantly accepts Tyrek’s help. She doesn’t trust him as far as she can throw him–and worse yet, she doesn’t trust the way her body ignites whenever she sees him.
Giving into their carnal desires only makes things worse. Can these two control their feelings long enough to find the real killer? Or will lust cloud their judgment?
Diane: You won the Romance Slam Jam 2012 Debut Author award. Woo hoo! Brag on yourself a bit and tell us how winning this award feels and what it has meant for your career.
Chanta:  I will admit my head was so big my hats didn’t fit for a week afterward! But seriously, it was sort of like a validation of my writing. I don’t study the literary market or analyze the next hot trend. I just write what interests me. If my work sells–great. If it doesn’t, at least I’ve written a story I’m passionate about. The Romance Slam Jam is the largest gathering of African-American authors and readers in the country. To be recognized as the RSJ Debut Author of the Year is truly a humbling honor for me. It’s helped to increase my visibility as an author and it’s exposed me to readers and fans who were previously unaware of my work. In case anyone is interested, the RSJ will be held in Milwaukee, Wisconsin May 2nd-5th, 2013. For more details, visit :
Diane:  You write in several different genres. Do you have a favorite? What are some of the things you enjoy about each genre?
Chanta:  My favorite genre is definitely historical romance. I’m a history junkie and I need my fix every now and then. And I want everyone else to have a healthy dose too! The research is both fun and draining. My first book, Pharaoh’s Desire, set in ancient Egypt, took almost ten years to write. I had a lot of what I call life interruptions along the way. I’m working on the sequel, which will be entitled Goddess. I’m taking the lessons I’ve learned in the past and applying them so I can complete this novel much faster. That said, I enjoy the satisfaction of completing a project quickly when I write contemporary romances and short stories. Whatever I’m writing, I always try to have a sexy Alpha hero and a feisty heroine to shake things up!
Diane:  I’m in awe of how you’ve managed to master so many things. In addition to being a novelist, you also host a radio show that focuses on romance. Can you tell us a bit about the show and some of your favorite radio moments?
Chanta:  If writing is my baby, then the radio show is definitely my wild, unpredictable teenager. The Chanta Rand Show: Where Love Meets Romance is hosted on Blogtalk radio. My guests and I have a lot of fun discussing all topics related to romance and the romance industry. I never know where the conversation is going to lead. We talk about black romance, interracial romance, shape-shifter romance, historical romance, erotic romance–you name it–we’re like Baskin and Robbins with the 31 flavors! The show was on hiatus this summer, but will resume October 2nd with author Kayelle Allen as my guest. Don’t forget to tune in every other Tuesday night. In the meantime, you can listen to the show archives at:
Diane:  Where can readers find you online (website, Facebook, Twitter, etc.)?
Chanta:  I’m such a social media recluse, but I’m getting better. I have a love/hate relationship with Facebook. We broke up and now I’m going steady with Twitter. Readers can find me just about everywhere else.
Twitter: Twitter@ChantaRand
Diane:  Thanks for hanging out with us here at Killer Fiction! 
Chanta:  Thanks for having me!



Mo said...

I love sports centric fiction and this one sounds great.

Unknown said...

I so love Chanta Rand novels. I have read each and every one of them all but the latest one and it is the one I have been waiting on. So glad she is writing sequels to my favs (all of them are my favs). Great interview Mrs. Chanta love reading and listing to you.

Diane Kelly said...

Welcome, Chanta! Looks like some of your current fans and new fans have already stopped by!

Chanta said...

Thanks Coren. I'm so glad you've been enjoying my work. I've received so many requests to write a sequel for The Highest Bidder than I had to give Tyrek his own story. I think you'll enjoy his as much, if not more than Tristan's. Take care. Happy reading!

Chanta said...

Mo, if you like sports, you'll really like reading about the California Predators. They've got some colorful characters. The heroine, Detective Persia Banks is one tough cookie who's strong enough to handle a party boy like Tyrek. You can check out the sample at Amazon, Barnes & Noble or Smashwords. Happy reading!

Diane Kelly said...

And the winner is . . . MO! Mo, please email Diane at to claim your prize!

Mo said...

Yipee! My email is on the way. I just bought "The Highest Bidder" to go with this awesome win. Thank You.

P.S. I am still wicked loving your Tara Holloway series.