Tuesday, October 04, 2011

You Know When You're in Love When... A Hero's Top Ten List

By Robin 'Red Hot' Kaye

I recently wrote a blog about that moment you know you’re in love. It was a top ten list for my heroines—who tend to have a more difficult time realizing they’re in love.

For some reason, my heroes are usually faster out of the blocks than my heroines when it comes to the whole love issue. I don’t know if this is because I tend to write difficult women who really have no need for a man in their lives, or because I enjoy watching a man chase the woman and drag her kicking and screaming into the deep abyss of love with him. It’s probably the latter because really, what woman alive doesn’t want to be wooed or pushed and pursued? Yeah, let’s face it, we all get a little bit weak-kneed when we see a man willing to chase a woman, doing all sorts of embarrassing things to win her heart.

So let’s examine the hero’s top ten list—You know you’re in love when…

10. You find yourself calling her to tell her you’re meeting your buddies for a basketball game and beer. Granted, you’re not asking permission, you’re just checking in with her…gulp.

9. You don’t like the fact that your friends think your girlfriend is hot—something that’s never bothered you with any other girlfriend. It’s one thing for you to picture your girlfriend naked; it’s a whole other thing for your buddies to.

8. You buy her some of those women’s razors so she isn’t tempted to use yours when she spends the night.

7. You go to spend the evening with her even though she’s sick and you know you won’t be getting any...anything other than exposure to the creeping crud and the don’t-touch-me-I’m-sick look.

6. You find yourself stopping to pick up movies that can’t be played in a Godfather marathon, starring people like Drew Barrymore, Julia Roberts, and Sandra Bullock instead of Bruce Willis, Arnold Schwarzenegger, and The Rock.

5. You agree to go shopping with her and when you realize you’re the only man holding a purse and not wearing a wedding band, you might start to sweat but you don’t run.

4. You notice every other man who notices her, and want to pound him into the pavement when he does.

3. Your medicine cabinet contains condoms and her toothbrush, a basket of make-up suddenly appears on the counter and you don’t freak when you reach under the sink and instead of discovering a roll of toilet paper, your hand hits a box of tampons.

2. You realize Chocolate is a major food group for her and you purchase so much of it, you consider buying stock in Ghiradelli.

And the number one reason you know you’re in love is:

You’re a guy. You look at her one day, and you just know.


Grace Burrowes said...

Robin, you must have a great guy in your life if you can nail the list that well. And ANY guy who can spell Ghiradelli (or Gianduja, or Perugina--do I have those right?--and not just plain old Hershey's) is probably worth spending time with.

Wouldn't hurt if he could spell The Macallan either, says me.Or Penhaligon's, or.... Ladies? Any other entries in the hero's spelling bee?

Grace Burrowes said...

Lord Valentine Windham, late of the Casablanca Authors Blog and Regency England, offers the following:

A gentleman knows he's smitten when he adores any scent related to the object of his affection--any scent at all

Gentlemen, what say you?

Adele Dubois said...

Robin--Great list and right on target! Thanks for the smiles.


Robin Kaye said...

@ Grace - Macallan is one of the most important words to spell if you ask me and If he can write 30 after it--I'm a happy camper. Oh, but he has to also be able to afford the $150 a drink LOL.

@ Lord Windham...or may I call you Val? Sigh...you undo me.

@ Adele - I got some great input. Thanks for stopping by!

Brenda said...

Darling list. Really enjoyed it. Thanks!

PaigeTurner said...

Awwww, great list! Although my husband still freaks when he accidentally touches the "feminine protection" even after 25 years!

Great blog!

Beth from MRW

Robin Kaye said...

@ Brenda - Thanks for dropping by! It's great to "see" you here.

@ Paige - LOL My DH has always been pretty good with it, he even runs to the store to pick up the necessary supplies for my daughter...my son on the other hand has asked my youngest to wait until he leaves home for college. She told him he'd better hurry the hell up!

Diane Garner said...

Great list, Robin. I'd only add that he doesn't run in the opposite direction when she suggests meeting her parents.

Anonymous said...

Sigh. I may have to send this list to my husband, just to make sure he still feels that way. (We don't share a bathroom anymore so he has no idea when the tampon box is empty.) :) These are all good ideas for when the heroes in my stories start to clue in that change is on the horizon, and they can no longer hide from it.

But really, just...Sigh. :-)

Robin Kaye said...

@ Diane - LOL - My DH picked me up for our first date, my mother invited him back for dinner...then after dinner suggested we go get a movie.
Me: Mom, it's 10:30 and he lives 60 miles away
Mom: That's okay, he can spend the night.
Me: Are you sure you're not coming down with something
DH slept on the couch ever weekend from that day on, we were married 8 months later LOL

@ Carla - When I asked Stephen when he knew he loved me, and he said when he realized he'd have to drive 120 miles round trip and that it was worth it just to see me. It also explains why we married pretty quickly. Driving gets old.

Laura said...

Hi, Robin,

Love your books - and your list :D Had a great giggly time reading it.

I'm willing to bet driving a gazillion miles was on my DH's list, too.

Laura DT from MRW

mrs z said...

Hey Robin,
If only that list were there when I was dating. Now, though, I can forward it to my son (a confirmed bachelor). Just hope reality won't scare him. But honestly, the #1 is so well said.
Just discovered your books from another blog site and am in the process of reading Romeo, Romeo on my kindle.

Namrata said...

An amazing post...hope you can give such a clear and neat point to find out if a girl is in love... <3

Sandy said...

Fun list, Robin. Smile.

Robin Kaye said...

@ Laura - Glad you had a chuckle--I just wish there were more numbers between one and ten...

@ Mrs. Z - Go ahead and forward it to your son. Mine's still a little young. When it comes to making a decision between a girl and his X-box, the x-box usually wins. Sometimes I wonder about him... I hope you enjoy Romeo, Romeo.

@ Pickled - LOL Check out the link to my blog at Casablanca Authors last week. It was fun.

@ Sandy - Thanks for stopping by!

@ everyone- A friend of mine loved my list and emailed me his because he said he didn't want to clog up the blog. I just thought they were so great, I had to share them...

You know a guy is in love:

10. Willingness to actually purchase, alone, said female products, in a crowded grocery store, with guys in line behind him holding a 12 pack.

9. Rushes home to clean up the mess before she arrives. (Note: this behavior disappears once relationship has entered the contract period).

8. He cooks for her, and he doesn’t cook, his knowledge base of the culinary arts could fit into a thimble.

7. When he goes to his sock drawer and finds it full of her unmentionables (do we still use that term?).

6. They’ve been an item for months, but the pants still get “tight” when she wears his favorite form fitting white chinos.

5. Ditto for when he smells her perfume.

4. When she falls asleep on his shoulder, his arm numb and prickly from lack of circulation, legs cramped, but the scent of her hair dulls all pain.

3. Understands what the phrase “Torpedo Run” means.

2. She’s still asleep, hogging most of the bed, her breath foul enough to kill cockroaches, but he can’t help smiling.

And the winner is:
1. When she’s OK with his “winds”.

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